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  1. I have considered joining the military since I was young. A lot of people in my family are veterans as well and they always encourage it. One thing I've noticed is when a topic is brought to the eyes of the grasscity community, a lot of brilliant minds post different sides to something, or ways of viewing things that I wouldn't have even thought of.

    With that said, I'm thinking about enlisting. If I could get some opinions or if someone can tell me from experience what it's like that would be great. Give me something to think about before I make a decision. I know the "military" is a broad term seeing as there are multiple fields, mos's, branches etc. so I figured i'd keep the topic broad in hopes of getting in more feedback.

    Thank you kindly GC
  2. You get to kill Osama Bin Laden and rape the locals. Whats not to like?
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    Former USN, rate CTO.

    Do not join any branch of the service at this time. That's my advice. Wait it out for at least 5 years. Take a college loan and go to college. When you get out, and you still wanna join you'll become an officer. Way better than enlisted. When you join you can get the GI Bill which will repay your college loans.

    Do not join if you do not respect life. The military needs good people. As my Chief Petty Officer used to say, 'unfortantly its a volunteer service, not a selective service'

    Go away to a FUN college. Live in a dorm. Enjoy life first
  4. Well I have nothing but respect for people who are in the military and the military life itself.

    If I get a trade such as instrumentation could I join the military as an officer, or any other trade for that matter?

    Why is it a bad time to join right now?

    Do any military branches have officer programs, say one that pays your way in college first, and you work for the military as an officer after that?

    I'd love to go to a fun college and live in a dorm, I cant afford it
  5. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I used to want to join the military too...

    There is nothing wrong with fighting for your country and dying for your country, but with the shit that we are involved in now, and the reasons we are involved. I refuse to be just another pawn that the military can ship over just so I could fight and protect a few elites own interest.

    That's just me personally.
  6. So instead you choose to be a pawn of poorly botched up propaganda instead? Don't worry OP, I and many others like me are highly encouraging and supportive to everyone who puts on that uniform. The military is an excellent career choice with a lot of benefits as well. I've never enlisted (denied moral waiver, dui's lol) but one thing I do know is GET COLLEGE CREDITS FIRST. You start at higher rank, more $$$. 30 college units and you start at pay grade e-2, 60 units e-3, bachelor's degree officer or e-4. So I would say get an education first and foremost. Then see if you still want to join.

  7. Not trying to argue but explain if you will why I am a pawn of a poorly botched propaganda?
  8. Okay, maybe you're not a pawn of anything, maybe you just have a false opinion here? Or maybe you're absolutely right. Okay you're right, now prove this to solidify the truth in your words:
    I am not saying you're wrong. But what I am saying is you can't find a source other then RT, some blogs, or in other words anything legit. The only thing you're giving people to stand on is your half-baked conspiracy theories.
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    Figure out what you want to do
    Figure out what you can do
    Figure out what branch you want

    You need to be more specific if you want info. There is no one military experience, it varies, branch to branch, MOS to MOS, and unit to unit. The overall experience is going to suck hard when you are in, and maybe when you get out you will look back with fond memories of your military days.

    "To them, a veteran was a veteran – all were the same, whether one man had survived the deadliest combat or another had pounded a typewriter while in uniform.” Wise words from Eugene Sledge. Just because you join the military does not mean you will see combat. Just because you go to Afghanistan will not mean you will see combat. I see this a lot, dudes who deployed to Afghanistan but who just sat on base all day, and then come home getting treated like a war hero, telling war stories that didn't happen and getting all the praise for something they didn't do, and it drives me bonkers. Just because you have been to Afghanistan does not make you a seasoned combat veteran. The point is unless you sign up for a job that is directly related to combat, its very likely you won't see combat, I'm not saying definitely but probably. I'm positive water specialists and cooks won't be doing combat patrols. Even if you do sign up for a job directly related to combat you may not go. If you do sign up for a combat MOS, make sure that you are 100% wanting/expecting to go to a combat zone.

    Do you plan on going to college when you get out? If so that will free up your job choices a little more.

    If you are not the college type you will probably want a job that will have some merit in the civilian world. Electronics/Mechanic/Engineer would be a good choice if you want to work with your hands. There is a lot of computer related jobs also, if you are into that type of thing.

    If you want to go the officer route you have to have a college degree.

    If you want to be a ground pounder go infantry, or some variation of it. You walk a lot and carry heavy stuff. It generally sucks balls, but you will get to do some cool shit from time to time.
  10. I'd be more than glad to clue you in to what's down.

    I'd say figure out what sort of things you're interested in first, and look into them. Though, if you're going enlisted and you don't really have the grades/ASVAB score to distinguish yourself, you might be looking at job assignments via needs of the Army.

    And you'll have to drop the green and get used to spice. I speak as former US Army enlisted, current officer, constant stoner.
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    You do not need to be concerned with respecting military people. When you join, they'll teach you all about how to respect them. Do citizens respect their soliders? Of course they do, men and women Die everyday, right now, in the name of military. Right now, if you haven't noticed, this planet is in Great Turmoil. You do not want to be a part of any of this, I promise you.

    You do need to be concern with respecting life. It's never okay to throw away a life, even if it's your enemies. War should always be a last resort, unfortantly is common fucking place in our everyday lives. Think about that.

    Now you're still young, I guess, and impressionable. Go to College, learn, become Wordly, meet new and intelligent people, have Fun.

    You do not want War. When you get your degree, because only with a BA can you be an officer, but a BA in anything you want, doesn't matter. If you still wanna join the Military make sure you trying to make a positive difference. Right now it's not going to be a positive experience for you.

    Go to college now. You can afford. I already told you how. Take out loans, like the rest of the USofA. Then if you still want to join the Military you will be much more prepared to do so and they will repay your loans. It's called the GI Bill. While you serve you can further your education because they have Tuition Assistance programs which pays for most, if not all, of your college courses. But for right now, you should go to college first. Officers have a better life than enlisted.

    See my sig to see what else is happening in the world and US today, right now, this very second.
  12. So many things wrong with that statement.

    It can absolutely be a positive experience, and a highly formative one as well.
  13. Yeah it can, but it won't at this time. I still have friends in the Navy who absolutely hate their life, but people all have different experience so I won't speak for all of them.

    My statement is true. He would have a better experience going away to college. Find out what interests him. Let him learn, meet new people, have fun and become independant. Then if he still wants to serve he still can. Now he's an officer and never have to worry about those pesky college debts. Way better life as an officer.

    I know exactly what I'm talking about. I wish it was the route I went instead. I did it the other way around, which is fine too. But the choice is officer or enlisted? Hmmmm.....
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    This thread is going to turn into a pissing contest of who is saltier so i'll talk about pros and cons of military and each branch.

    GI Bill
    If you are financially responsible you can come out with a decent amount of cash
    You'll meet some good dudes
    Job experience/skill set, depending on MOS
    You might get to blow up some stuff

    Retarded officers and enlisted personnel
    Lack of freedom
    Barracks life
    You will hate civilians
    People will hate you

    Air force: Hottest women, safest branch, best quality of life, most of the new military technology comes from them

    Army: Gets the newest gear, more school opportunities, pick up rank fast, wide array of jobs

    Navy: Supposedly you get to travel the world, seem to have way more lax regs, a lot more duty stations

    Marines: get a sword if you reach e4 and um....... yeah

    If you are going to go officer just because you want a better/easier life in the military, you will be a shitbird and no one will respect you. If you feel like you can handle the responsibilities of an officer and will be a capable leader/organizer than go for it.

  15. There you go. It's four years out of your life. Suck it up and make it count.
  16. Doesn't matter if your an officer or enlisted. If you suck you suck. And I've had more shitty enlisted who were in charge, thanks to Rank, than shitty officers. In fact, I can't think of one shitty officer I've ever had. Don't get me wrong, they exist, but there's way more shitbag enlisted leaders than officer leaders, and that's because there's more enlisted folk than officer folk. At least officers have an education.

    If the kid wants to be an effective leader he should go to College!

  17. QFT

    That's what ROTC program is for. They teach you how to be an officer and commission you by the time you graduate college. Why do they commission you? Because the United States Armed Forces believes you earned the right to lead troops. It's a sweet deal. Everyone who talks down to this pathway is an anti-intellectual, anti-education, idiot destined to be a drone the rest of their lives. You guys really swear that some officer cares what a bunch of ignorant E-1's think of them when they're making twice as much as they are and get to live off base.
  18. I totally forgot about the ROTC program.

  19. If you don't have anything marjuana or drug related, don't have more than 1 dui, no felonies, no domestice violence (pretty much a clean record lol), then go for it man. With all due respect if you have the opportunity you're stupid if you don't do it. You're killing 2 birds with one stone grasshopper, because even if the officer thing doesn't work out for some reason, you'll still have a college degree.
  20. DERP! You are the idiot if you think having a college degree makes you an effective leader. That elitist attitude will get you nowhere leading men. Who cares what your men think about you? You should care very much if you are an officer. You are there to support them. You entire fucking job revolves around them. You have to balance the mission and the welfare of your men. If you think you are better than e-1 just because you went to OCS and college you will fail as an officer. I'd much rather have an "ignorant" private with some combat experience lead me, than some dipshit officer who just got out of OCS lead me.

    Believe it or not there are enlisted personnel with college degrees, but since they are enlisted they must anti-education idiots right?

    You can get away with being a shitty officer if your not in any combat position and actually leading men in combat, but those that do will lose men as a result of there retardation.

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