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  1. Hi. I am seriously thinking about enlisting, and my two biggest options are the Army and the National Guard. I have a meeting with a recruiter, but I feel as though that will be geared more towards selling the army, as opposed to giving me all the facts. So my questions to you defenders of our country. What kind of things do you spend (or did you) during the course of an average day? What kind of pay and or enlistment bonus' do you get? I'm welcome to anything you have say on the subject, and I don't care what branch your in.

  2. Army = Do your time, be recognized as military
    Navy = See the world
    Air Force = Read some books
    Marines = Actually do shit
    National Guard = George W Bush

    You choose....
  3. After i got my honorable discharge i will never ever tell any1 to go to the military unless u really need it. There are so many more things in life u can do other than fight stupid wars over things u have no control over. The funnest time i had in the military was basic training and AIT.

    I didn't get a enlistment bonus like u were asking. But that was before the military was hurting for ppl. But if u do go find the MOS (Military Occupation Skills) that have the highest enlistment bonus and go from there. If u have anymore questions just PM me.

  4. I've looked into the military and I choose if I ever join, I will join the marines. There's almost no point in joining the army or national guard unless you just want the money
  5. i would join the airforce and have a MOS something like printer paper refiller or stapler getter outer
  6. What do you want to do with your life?

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