Military base drug testing

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  1. Hey blades, so i have a possible job opportunity coming up to work at an airforce base as a civilian employee. I know ill likley be tested if i am given the job but is it only once? or is regularly like once a month or random? Anyone who has experience in this sort of work environment help me?
  2. That would depend entirely on the position you will be working.
    Even then it can vary, depending on whose running the show.
    Generally speaking, unless there is a work place incident likely no randoms.
    A job that is sensitive may have randoms.
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  3. Id be working in the mess hall if that helps
  4. Call them and ask.
  5. Worked in a food court on a base. I was tested
    to get the job, and then not again until I
    switched positions and ended up in a
    warehouse driving a forklift.

    If you were actually in the military,
    you'd for sure get randoms.
  6. Good luck, all I can say is they seem to test for much lower concentrations, so id give yourself time just in case.

    Man, if i were ever hit with a random/ one due to a work place incident, If i failed, and I would, Id be like "I ikely fucked up because I was not high, at that moment."

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