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    So I happened to be at a friend's house in Northern Michigan this week. It's in a very rural place - real small towns. I noticed a very large number of military advertisements dotting the roadsides. It struck me as pretty fucked up. I can't remember the last time I saw such a billboard advertisement for the marines in any of the other more populated (i.e richer) regions I've inhabited.

    The billboard had some words about 'honor' and the like and an 18-ish boy looking as noble as he possibly could...

    Frankly it seems like a pretty shameless move by the government. They seek to perpetuate a mythology about the glory, manliness and pride that awaits someone who joins the armed forces. I'm not trying to bash soldiers or veterans, but let's be honest: the government, regardless of the culture of awe around the military that it tries to maintain, does not really give a fuck about the lives of members of the armed forces. Risking the lives of Americans in the name of conflicts that scarce have anything to do with the well being of US citizens - Vietnam, Iraq - easily proves that. The government is just scooping up the dregs of its society to make cannon fodder out of them.

    But hey, I can't deny the fact that for a lot of people the military is the best option; after a few years of duty they'll help pay for your school costs and the pay is better than minimum wage. Nevertheless, it's a job that ends in death for many, and beyond any 'glory' that recruits might associate with military life, getting one's legs blown off by an IED is unlikely to be anyone's idea of a good death. The fact is, though, that instead of the government trying to use its power to initiate economic programs that would give these rural Americans a greater degree of opportunity in their lives, they spend taxpayer money to keep many under-privileged citizens wrapped up in the cogs of their military-industrial complex.

    It's all a little fucked up in my opinion.

    edit: fixed; didn't mean to imply our servicemen were being slaughtered by contraceptives :p
  2. Did you mean IED?

    I agree the military advertises in lower income areas because the lure of money for college, steady paycheck, and "honor" can be quite appealing to those who may not have the means. I admit I only joined the Navy for the benefits and nothing else. People always ask me why I joined and I tell them benefits straight up. I don't sing the national anthem, I'll sing the Canadian national anthem because I think it is a lot better than the US's lol.

  3. Haha yeah, isn't an IUD a birth control device?
  4. Dude, I saw military advertising on Neopets once...

    Fucked up, so exceedingly fucked up.
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    You'd be suprised how many Marines aren't about serving our government. Marines and soldiers are some of the most down to earth people you'll ever meet and they enlist not to serve our government, but out country. I do believe there is honor in the Marine Corps, but some people don't. It's kind of like religion in that way. And I don't see how it's fucked up that they are advertising with billboards. McDonalds does the same thing No one is forcing you to join, so what's the harm? And the majority of jobs in the military are non-combat related. And why are you babying Marines and soldiers? They know what they are signing up for. They know the risks of death, which is why weed need to show more respect than their getting.
  6. It's little things like this, that show you the true colors of Government. Then you get into things like COINTELPRO, MK-ULTRA, and you realize that Government isn't benevolent, and they're not there to serve you. It's the opposite.
  7. I mean, from a business perspective it's a good marketing campaign. They will be getting more applicants from small towns than rich suburban neighbourhoods after all.

    But yeah, I see where you're coming from. It's almost like they're making a concerted effort to kill off many of both our countries most able bodied men by sending them to pointless wars. Oh. Hang on. Isn't that usually how you suppress a potential violent upheaval? Each day it looks more like we're heading towards totalitarian governments. They're also building their power for the day they declare Marshall law. No doubt after another conveniently timed 'terrorist' attack...
  8. The British army are advertising for recruits in the unemployment black spots in Ireland at the moment..

    If you are 18/19 with no job or money then the army prob does look very appealing..
  9. Bribed with their own money to die for someone elses.
  10. We shouldn't have a military-industrial complex that requires so many more new recruits each day. Fucking dumb.

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