Militarization of the Police: Military Humvee We make house calls

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       Police across the country seem be becoming more militarized each day. A few police departments have adopted Armored Personal Carriers, fitted with turrets and port holes to shoot out of
       Take a look at this military style humvee belonging to Tuscumbia country, Alabama. The turret port, ready and waiting for a .50 cal machine gun, is painted with the phrase "We make house calls." This implies to me that military vehicles are supposed to be the "norm" for house calls. Call 911 because your cat is in a tree and you might have an M1A1 Abrams tank arrive at the scene.
       Another  example of police egging on their own injustice, check out this link to the huffington post
    Narcotics police wear shirts that say "You huff and you puff and we'll blow your door down." What about when they blow down the doors of innocent crime-less people, like legal marijuana growers, or this 61 year old man that the police killed
       Police brutality and militirazation seem to be more noticeable these days. People are waking up and seeing the possible true face of Police State USA.

  2. Sadly not nearly enough people are awake or willing to do anything about it.At this rate by the time the poeple finally wake up and smell the facism the police will basically be the domestic military to be used against any that stand up to the Empire.
  3. Wtf would a cop do with a humvee/tank? We saw what happened with WACO....
  4. Good luck blowing some of our doors down.


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