Militant Atheism is retarded

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by gaba, Feb 11, 2009.

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  1. It seems like every retard who was forced to go to sunday school when they were kids now take up atheism as a way to rebel against the man and fuck all by acting like angry retards because it's cool to be against religion man. But face it, Militant Atheism is fundamentally as retarded as any other extreme on the lunatic fringe. Anyone who isn't batshit crazy can see they are as retarded as the fundamentalist theists.

    Militant Atheists like to argue. It is really because they just like to hear their own voice and value their opinion so highly that they really believe what they say actually matters more than if it is actually true. They are objective man. But if that were the case they'd see that they are really just as clueless as everyone else. Maybe they don't even believe there is any truth. But that is nihilism and atheism doesn't necessarily entail nihilism, they just like to go hand in hand because it's sweet to be a fucking nihilist and be an angry retard who doesn't believe in god(s). We know Science is an awesome way cool thing and does cool shit. But it also produces alot of things which suck like atom bombs and biological weapons and all kinds of nasty stuff like that... But we also know from mathematical proof Science can't answer all questions absolutely. And that is up to metaphysics, which transcends the sciences.. and the most extreme retards deny metaphysics entirely, but that is really nihilism in disguise isn't it...

    Stupid ass militant atheists.
  2. you are militant atheism

    there is no militant atheism

    love militant atheism before you protest against it
  3. you're retarded...

    ok but seriously. stop calling militant atheists retarded idiots. they're alot more rational than fundamental christians.
    how about you give some reasons why atheism is stupid, instead of spurting alot of pointless negative bullshit about atheists?

  4. that's like an ad hominems and stuffs dude

    Sometimes I take humor seriously. Other times I take seriousness humorsly. But in any case it's irrelevant.

    Nah no uhm sorry no way

    yeh go read your dawkins books some more and go preach to the choir fag


    ok dude you seem to be down with this so why dont you as an enlightened militant atheist give us reasons why it isn't
  5. lol. do you feel special you can quote everything I say? in little bits? and come up with what you probably think are witty comebacks?
    dude. I don't have to prove why atheism isn't retarded. YOU started this thread. It's up to you to back up your 'argument'...
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    L Rag is right, why don't you give us some reasons behind why you made us read a wall of your shit? Prove to us that you're opinion is worth more than fuck all.
  7. Those who truly believe they have all the answers are the real problem. There is nothing wrong with atheism.

    edit: If I may ask what exactly do you believe in?

  8. um, why don't YOU support YOUR argument with something other than rant fueled opinon FIRST? You are the retarded idiot if you make a statement and can't back it up, but instead require others to back up their position first.

  9. You're spewing pure ignorance right now. Why not approach the issue you seem to be having with a tad bit more intelligence. In my eyes right now you seem to just want to cause trouble.
  10. The only thing more annoying than militant atheists, besides fundamentalists, is the OP.

  11. I don't even know where to begin. The hypocrisy is astounding.
  12. eh, OP you have no argument - but honestly, we're in the spirituality and philosophy forum, so beleive what ever brings yourself comfort and happiness
  13. I didnt read all of the post, but I agree about militant atheism not being much worse in many ways than militant Catholicism.

    Nothing wrong with Atheism or Agnosticism, many simply take the "ill believe what makes sense" approach, but many and most that I have met are simply in severe, angry opposition to all religions, especially Christianity. They think they are rational: The human mind is not rational, it is emotionally charged, it will ignore things that does not support its emotional bias and pick up things that do - consciously or unconsciously. Thought is a highly chaotic, irrational entity, and you will notice that there is often no real rational connection between one thought and the other - the only real correlation is personal association.

    Many take the firm stand that only what can be seen by science and purely "proven" is real, and everything else is superstition and if you believe in anything more than 3d science you are a monkey with a peanut for a brain. Many correlate absence of evidence with evidence of absence, despite the fact that this is a well known logic argument that they should be familiar with and adhere to given their self proclaimed allegiance to logic, yet most ignore it.
  14. There is a difference. Militant atheists, as it were, use words and arguments that annoy believers to no end. Truth and rationality do have that effect on the irrational delusional.

    Militant religious on the other hand, kill people.
  15. militant atheism? lol. whats this? some word that the christians made up? are athiest militant because they spread the truth about reality? is that what makes them militants? spreading word of truth? isnt that what all religious organizations do is tell their version of what is and what isnt? then all believers of all beliefs are militants and must be stoped. so kill everyone and all kinds, all shall parish, and blah blah blah blah fuckin blah

    religious people suck to argue with because they are so brainwashed into their beliefs that no matter what you say, no matter what science says, what they have been taught is correct and you cant convince them otherwise.

    so i give to you hail fuckin merry fucks this song..

    [ame=""]YouTube - blood for blood-wasted youth crew[/ame]

    im kidding i love
  16. Damn man, you really need to chill the fuck out. You are ranting all over the city, putting people down. How about a civil approach next time ?
  17. I've never had an atheist knock on my door trying to convert me.
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    Where are all of the "militant atheists"? Do they have a TV channel or even a weekly show? None that I've ever heard of. How about a politican that is sympatetic to their causes? None that I can think of. Any radio stations? Not there, either. Widely available movies or documentaries? Best selling books? Nope.

    Basically, your target is almost completely imaginary. The last real militant atheist was Madalyn Murray O'Hair, and she was killed almost 15 years ago.
  19. Truth is not synonymous with fact. Rationality in the human paradigm, atheist or otherwise, is absent. All humans that are subject to thought and emotion are primarily emotionally biased in life all the time. Rationality requires objective commitment to the subject without reference to the past or imaginary future. No human, including atheists, does this. They have their own personal history that heavily influences the lens of their perception and what they ultimately see.

    Christianity is not the only religion, nor the only group of people that believe in god or a god consciousness. Why is it that atheists always seem to imply that God is always the christian god, and believers are always Christian? Its an evident emotional bias of sorts.

    Furthermore, what do you know about reality? What do atheists know about reality? Truth is not synonymous with fact. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, even by pure logical argument. "Truth About Reality"..far from it.

    I have nothing against Atheism or any religion, I do not like forceful, denouncing, angry arguments promoting ones beliefs and denouncing others though, and alot of atheists, though not all, do plenty of this. Most simply believe that we are biology with no purpose, that life is an accident, we are an accident, there is nothing beyond DNA and the reproductive imperative, and that any beliefs outside of this are retarded. This is scientific fact of the world that we can scientifically analyze today, it is not all encapsulating truth, and to say it is is not rational despite atheists claiming that they are.

    Atheists are just as irrational and deluded as religious people, maybe a little less, but in a different way.

  20. Bullshit. Remind me again who believes in miracles, life after death, virgin birth, devil and demons, heaven and hell, killing in the name of [insert god here], creationism, end times, policing thoughts etc ad nauseum.

    Rationality is believing what is proven, what is plausible. The more religious one are, the less, uhm, "faith", one have in the real world. And the more faith one have in what objectively can be called fairy-tales.

    Believing in fairy-tales is not delusional, not irrational? Come on.

    Faith by definition is believing in something that is not proven and can not be proven. It is a form of certainty that disregards facts in favour of some delusion.

    Try as you will to use semantics to seperate fact from truth. In either case, rationalists seek truth, using facts. Irrationalists, amongst them many religious to a varying degree (also some ideological nutcases) disregard fact, truth, in order to keep up their delusion. Denying reality to the best of our knowledge. Based on nothing more than indoctrination and sheer gullibility.
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