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  1. So I'm dating a milf. My only question is, and I'd think girls can give me a better answer then you guys, after you have a kid, is your vag like permanently stretched? I've been having sex with her and don't have that much experience(the only other girl i've had sex with I can't even remember the occasion or how tight she was it was so long ago and we were both very drunk). So I'm just wondering if I'm really that small (girth wise) or she just has a super loose vag from pulling a kid out between them legs. By the way she hadn't had sex for 6 months before she started to with me and her kid is 2 years old.

  2. honestly, i've had sex with 3 moms. My gf included. I didn't feel any real difference. Especially with my girl, we didn't have sex for 6 weeks after our son was born, and i'd tell ya it still felt nice and tight. But then again she's always had an exceptionally tight pussy. The other 2 chicks, again couldn't really tell ya if it felt looser compared to others or not

    Does she get really wet? Maybe that's why you feel like she's "loose". Try differen positions. I'm not ron jeremy by any means but i've never really had problems feeling like i;m too small or the girl is loose. I'd say put her legs up on your shoulders. Put her legs together. Doggy style is great for deep penetration, tell her to put her legs together as you come in from behind. Feels great :)

    just my .02

    p.s. i've had a few buddies of mine though who swear up and down that pussy after a kid just "doesn't feel the same"
  3. never had sex with a mother, but if you enjoy it who cares.
  4. Seems like it would stretch a little, but if it happened 2 yrs ago and she she does some kegels, im sure she can make off with a nice little package ;) .. for you that is lol

    I've been wondering what it feels like to date a milf lately....
  5. Thanks man! I really am thinking it has to do with the positions we've been doing, and I think her leg placement really might have to be why I think shes so loose. I think doggy style is gonna be what we needed, when she first saw my penis she was like "oh my god, you're so big!" but after all our sex I keep thinking about it and maybe she was just saying that, cuz her vag doesn't make me feel like I'm big.

    I like it, I always wasn't sure if I liked kids or not, and maybe it's because I have no responsibility for her child but I love playing with her kid. Her kid is hilarious to watch when you're high because she just doesn't understand whats going on and you can tell she wishes she could communicate but just hasn't learned to yet. It's pretty cute.

    My girlfriend is awesome, she appreciates everything i do. She is down to have sex with me whenever, I got her to smoke bud for her first time and she likes it but only does it with me. She also doesn't have a problem with the fact that I do other drugs besides bud namely psychedelics. The only complication is the fact that she has to make visits with her ex boyfriend to drop the kid off and she knew that it at first really bothered me but assured me that she doesn't want anything to do with him because he cheated on her a lot. Life was meh until I met her :). She gives me a lot of positive motivation too. We're both lucky to have found each other.
  6. If she's all that cool, just find different positions. Start going through the Kama sutra dude!

    But in all a mother, yes *It* can stretch a bit. It's a muscle, has to strech. However if she does her *exercises* that'll tighten up just like her belly did. Women are made so freaking awesomely.
  8. I have a 2 year old and I'm perfectly normal there. My boyfriend loves it, and I'm pretty sure it's like I never gave birth.

    And I'm small, I'm 5' and 110 lbs, and had a 6 lbs. 2.8 oz. 19 in. long kid.
  9. First, did she give natural birth, or did she go for C section?

    Of course, if she had C section, then the child birth doesn't effect the size of the vagina...

    But if she gave natural birth, it would have stretched her vagina like never before... and like everything, if you stretch it too much, it gets loose.

    But humans are not rubber dolls, meaning, we regenerate. So after a few months, the vagina returns to its normal size.

    I know a woman who's given birth to 3 children, all natural, and she still has tight pussy, her husband says.

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