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miley cyrus in bikini

Discussion in 'General' started by @WeedPalace, May 28, 2010.

  1. I think she's good looking just like I think Megan Fox is good looking. Neither have much meat on them and they wouldn't be a realistic choice but hey, they look good. I'm 20 though so maybe you guys are like 40 and that's why you are creeped out?
  2. I read somewhere this bitch will be richer than Oprah by the time she is my age(22).
    I'd get with her just for that....and to figure out a way to rob her for like $100M then i'd disappear forever.
  3. I'd take her dads sloppy seconds and fuck her, as long as she kept her mouth shut. god damnnn her voice is annoying.
  4. lol at the paparazzi perv.

    mmm ima fuck the shit out of that girl in a couple of years

  5. This is you in a couple years ^^^^^

  6. This is what pervs everywhere are saying...

  7. I would do horrible, unforgivable things to Miley Cyrus.

    You know, now that she's legal
  8. I would pounce on that like a lion on a zebra. They would film it and put us on National Geographic

  9. :D:devious:
  10. i'm 18 and i wouldnt hit that. give me a real woman like that one chick from the prince of persia movie.
  11. Wait... What?
  12. LOL , this pic is ftw really

  13. Yeah I don't get it either. Perhaps he means wheels in motion with the .gif? Burning tires? Idk :confused:

  14. ya u should see how we dance now dude.. its not dancin more dry fucking
  15. lmao i know exactly what your sayin
  16. i'd tap that, just to say i did

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