miley cyrus in bikini

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  1. Op in tutu
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    Honestly, all these photos make me think about is the sick 30-year-old fuck who's creeping in the bushes, taking pictures of teens in bikinis without their consent or them knowing, and making bank off it.

    I imagine it must be a very fulfilling job.
  3. How old is she again? :hide:

  4. 17.

    Oh shit guys run:bolt:


    Oh gawd
  5. Hahaha that shit made me laugh.
  6. they need to stop publicizing her sexualizing us then man damn, this shit is ridiculous!!!

  7. Im sure he didnt give a shit when he saw his paycheck for this one
  8. Ewww kate moss is gross lookin.
  9. South Park Chris Hansen makes real chris hansen take a fucking seat

  10. No boobs, no ass, no thanks.
  11. i could go to the beach in december and see better than that
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    she looks like one of those teenie boppers you see at waterparks, who you try to avoid looking at, but still end up getting a good dose of underdeveloped ass n boobs anyways
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  13. :laughing:

  14. We have a turd in the punch bowl...
  15. Yeah true. And maybe it's just me, but I can't seem to get past those horse teeth of hers.

    I'm sorry maybe that was a bit too mean. I should pick on another billionaire instead, like Trumps hair...:D
  16. And I care because...

  17. true that

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