Mild hallucinations

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  1. I always knew weed can cause hallucinations, and i just had em. basically me and a fellow gc member were at my house alone all night and i smoked so much that i actually was trippin a 'lil it was great. I could barley keep my eyes open and everything was fuzzy and wavy. My porch felt like a rocket ship. Btw i am not a light weight and i have been toking for years(so dont comment "oh first timers blah blah blah"). It was great, hope it happens again:smoke:
    Thanks for listenin,
  2. Cool story bro
  3. yea it was a great night:smoke:
  4. Haha xD Sounds like great bud !!
    Anyway, I've had audio hallucinations (heard my dad say my name xD) while high, but I believe you can have some real ones. Nice dude.
  5. fuck yea dud you smoke enough and you start seeing things out the corner of your eye
  6. I used to get audial hallucinations real bad,
    Like someone would turn off the music but id keep hearing it as if it were coming from another room or from far away haha
  7. omfg yeah !!
    When I smoke alone in my room downstairs at night, I listen to my iPod, and I either hear it like it was from upstairs, or like it was blasting from a giant boombox.
  8. If I smoke a nice sativa, and get fucking ripped, sometimes I will be thinking about something and than whatever/whoever i am looking at will turn into said object. One time on a walk around the block after smoking 3g's each i had to tell my friend to stop turning into a penguin. When he turned around he wanted to fuck with me by making a weird face and i swear his face turned into a clown face... Could not get my mind off how fucked up that was for the whole night haha
  9. hell yeah i love it when im tripping balls after i smoke bomb ass weed.:rolleyes:

  10. Fuck yeah
  11. yea its the shit
  12. I wouldn't consider it tripping but the first few times I smoked good bud, for a period of time my line of sight was completely blocked by these mentally projected images, flashing quickly from one to the other. It was the same couple images, I remember the letter 3, seeing like a fall sunset scene, and a teddybear, and around the edges of my vision it was just like a translucent red and yellow hazy border through which I could still see my surroundings. We were in a car in a parking lot at night, and yet it was bright as fuck for me. Only lasted for a little bit until I was just stoned, and it only happened like 3 or 4 times. But it was so gnarly

    I would love for one of you cynical ****** ******s to give me your opinions on this

    edit: there were more than just those 3 things I just can't remember the rest, it all seemed like familiar things though, maybe flashbacks from when I was a child
  13. i used to picture an image over and over too, i can't even explain the image honestly.
  14. That happens occasionally to me also. The only diffrence is that it loops, it takes me awhile to notice it, but then when I do notice it I realize that I am really high.
  15. sometimes i'll hear footsteps and stuff
  16. Me too!!! I will be listening to music than shut it off and it's like I can still hear the music but it is usually just one part of the song playing over and over. It weird but that's when I know i am really high.
  17. anyone read this one in a Towelie voice

    "wanna get high" you know which one I am talking about lol :D
  18. towlie

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  19. I have defiantly gotten baked enough to close my eyes and see a good light show :smoke:

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