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Mild hallucinations

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by griff842, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. Ok, so I've smoked about 6 times now, and I've gotten high all six times. The first time I was laughing really hard, got the munchies, usual shit. Second time was a bit more relaxed. Third time was like the first time except a bit shittier. The fourth fifth and sixth time I smoked was something different. It was like I was almost watching a video of what was happening. And i would see like someone out of the corner of my eye but no one would be there. I also had a good euphoria. The last three times were all during one weekend with pot from the same guy. Is his shit just really good or are these normal effects? I never heard about the 'video effect' thing before
  2. Auditory and occasional Visual hallucinations can occur with a low tolerance, THC is a mild hallucinogen , and weed is pretty psychedelic.

    Have fun while it lasts man !
  3. u tolerance is low and u got ripped congrats welcome to the great world of weed
  4. One time me and my friend smoked an 8th of OG Kush out of a bong between the two of us and I got so high I was seeing so much shit.

    Craziest night of my life I will never forget it.

  5. It's all normal dude. I remember the movie feeling.
  6. Happens to me too.
    I believe that you can 'trip' off of weed.
    I only smoke 2 bowls with a friend, but it was strong, frosty shit.
    And I began walking towards a fence... and whenever i got close to that fence... it was like someone had pressed the rewind button on my life...
    time reverted back to when i was 10 ft away from the fence... i got close to the fence again, then BOOM! back to 10 ft away again, where i started. happend like 12 times before i eventually ran into the fence.
  7. next time you smoke, have someone video tape the things you're doing and go back and watch them.

    Sometimes when you're high you think that somethings happening but its really not. it's very interesting to see how yourself reacts to things.
  8. I got this feeling as well, my second time. :smoking::smoke:

    One of my friends did this on one of my first green experiences, it was pretty funny to watch.

  9. Hhahahah that reminds me of when my friend who was high as fuck [i was not high at the time] were crossing the street and he was scared to cross because he thought the parked car was going too fast for us to make it.

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