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Mild anxiety strain

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by TSULLI, May 25, 2010.

  1. I am looking for a very mild strain for anxiety. I have had some anti anxiety strains before but sometimes it actually makes me have a panic attack (usually strong stuff knowing the guy who bought it)

    Do you guys know of a strain that is powerful enough to help yet mild enough to where I wont freak out? Any info would be great. Thanks!

    By the way this is my first post... I just joined about 30 seconds ago... So hey!
  2. Im not a med. card holder.. but it just sounds like your tolerance is low. Try smoking less or smoking more frequently, your panic attacks should go away. If your a new smoker, try the apprentice threads for stickies with very good advice on panic attacks. Btw, the stickies helped me, I used to panic thinking somthting was wrong when i got super high, and my heart beat would race. But it was all just keeping myself calm.:hello::smoke: Haha good luck man, and im sure there are weaker strains, and strains that are of poor quality will be less potent.
  3. As i just posted in a similar thread Anxiety is serious business.

    IMO if you can see a psychiatrist it will help "fix" your issues more than just trying to cope with weed.

    Good luck:)
  4. It is weird I smoke a little and I dont feel anything... Then I have just one more tiny rip and it sends me over the edge hahaha... Full blown panic attacks. I have had some good experiences though so I dont think its just MJ in general that gives me panic attacks... Idk maybe its like you said and I have a low tolerance... we will find out soon enough haha.
  5. It's deff not the MJ - it's your anxiety disorder that gives you the panic attacks. If you wanna feel better go see a doctor or a therapist.
  6. Yeah, you deff. sound like myself. I used to smoke with my good friend, and we would smoke like 2 bowls within a half hour, and like you I wouldnt feel a thing, then i would be overwhelmed with dominant indica feelings, and I would have a pretty trippy panic attack..:mad: Also, dpending on how i felt prior to smoking really affected my high, If i was chill before i smoked and wasnt nervous or anxious, my high would stay mellow, and great. But, if you believe its more serious than what im explaining then I would give a second thought about a psychiatrist.
  7. I have seen shrinks and doctors before... I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder as well as depression. So I do have an anxiety problem to begin with. All the pills they have put me on have never done anything. I would way wrather switch to something that isnt chemically made in a lab somewhere haha I hate pills.
  8. Deff. stick to weed then man. Just try and smoke less or keep it to like a single bowl a day for a while, and increase when your tolerance increases.:smoke: Happy toking dude
  9. Ohh for sure man haha... its just tough because its like i dont feel anything or i freak out haha. I am having trouble finding that happy middle

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