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"Mike's Hard Lemonade"

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ienjoysmokin, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. Yeah man, I drink whatever the fuck I want. I don't care if I look like a vagina for it.
  2. Real men only drink beer, bourbon and the tears of the weak.

    Also a nice screwdriver or vodka cranberry juice would be nice.

  3. some would say a vodka cran is a vagina drink.

    especially since if you add a little cointreau, you got a cosmopolitan.
  4. I like Irish Car bombs. Jameson and Guinness with a bit of bailey's.
  5. Irish car bombs are heavy man. Black spew
  6. lol never been a mike's fan. id rather have a decent brew by a long shot.

  7. Drank like 4 and felt a lil crunk, probably should of put that in there, and also .. i wasn't even trying to get drunk in the first place i was fuckin blazed and thirsty as hell ya dig
  8. no backpedalling... ;)
  9. It just kills me how stupid some people are, "ya that bitch beer tastes alrite....but it takes me like 40 to get a buzz!" its like ok badass....if it takes you 40 mikes hard lemonades to get a buzz then how many beers does it take you to get drunk? MIKES HARD LEMONADE HAS MORE ALCOHOL THEN BEER.... the reason "men" dont drink it is because if you drink enough to get drunk you get a horrible hangover and feel gross from all the sugar. Thats why "men" dont drink them...it has nothing to do with them being "weak" or "pussy"



  10. It's only stronger by about .3% than newcastle (what I drink on a regular basis) an no where NEAR chimay "Grande Réserve" which is 9% and that shit is brewed by BEER MONKS NYYYUUUKA. Called trapists. This is belgium beer at its finest. Mikes is flash brewed with all kinds of crap chemicals and you get a shitty buzz and hangover because of THAT and the sugar.

    Get outta here with your all caps and mikes hard lemonade fanboy nonsense and recognize it's quality AND content that makes other beer better.
  11. If im "one of those people".. 40 was an exaggeration, obviously..

    Im talkin i dont drink it cause i was talkin about gettin drunk.. mikes doesnt do it. But even when i wanna kick back with a brew, its never a mikes haha

    can you "FIRGURE" that one out Mr America?

  12. Not the beer I drink.
  13. They taste sooooooo good.

    It's like Smirnoff Ice. I'll drink a 6 pack, it's fucking soda.
  14. #74 TheOriginalMad, Jul 9, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 9, 2010
    Who cares if it's a girls drink , it's fucking delicous , if anyones so self concius pour it in a big gulp, no worse then the shit that originaly came in it :/

    I'll admit I isn't my favorite drink , good old rum and coke for me
  15. lul at the people saying drinks with low alcohol content are "pussy" or "bitch" drinks. I feel sorry for you guys :(
  16. They just give me a head/stomach ache.
  17. I don't really care for alcohol, but I'll enjoy one of em on a hot summers' day. They're refreshing :)

    I'm such a little girly bitch, eh?
  18. yea its alright im not sure dont they have a mojito flavor? i think i came across one long ago that shit was off the hook. its too bad it takes like 30 to get drunk tho lol
  19. Fuck this shit, 4loco, joose, ect...I just get massive headaches and stomach aches off them. They have waayyy too much sugar. Tonite I smoked a head dutch and drank only half a lemonade 4loco and I got sick. 4locos don't even get u drunk IMO they just get u a wierd buzz and then you get sick. I'll stick to weed, blunts, and beer.
  20. Mike's hard lemonade is pretty good. I like the pineapple punch!

    everclear is nuts hahah!
    I had two shots of that and i was good!

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