Mike, rhymes with Bike.

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  1. I am Mike, liked by some for reasons I could never understand, and by more still simply because we grew up together, the familiar faces of good friends, the familiar stories of good times, I'm sure you know what I mean...

    I highly enjoy the company of beautiful, free spirited girls.
    I am 17.

    I pass the time by watching good movies, reading good books, sleeping, smoking naturally... it kind of goes without saying. More recently I've decided to go on a little mushroom exodus for a day, or around five during the christmas vacation, it should be fun, I'll write all about it if I can. I've never done shrooms: I've been told it differs from acid, which I have done... hopefully I'll find out how much I should eat for a solid trip, and how much it should cost me as this whole plan might take me to unfamiliar dealers.

    MajorMajorMajorMajor is a fictional character in Catch-22 by: Jospeph Heller...

    Maybe someone might know around here, peace. remember: solid trip + 5 days = ?

  2. hi! welcome. Ill surely remember your name. mike rhymes with bike!
  3. Welcome to THE City....Mike

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