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Discussion in 'General' started by PintyHet, Oct 30, 2003.

  1. has anyone ever moved from the US to good o'll Canada before? i plan on trying to move up in about a year and a half. eh how easy/hard is it and what would be a good site for me to research this? i visited up there for a couple of weeks back in school and i've had a longing for its beauty ever since...i'll have a certificate from a tech school for general electrition work and have about a year of experiance in residential under my belt(gotta save up some $$). it's been my dream to move up there maybe around the coast up there ever since i was 15. if no one has moved up there yet anyone care to migrate with me? lol

    *EDIT* eh also if anyone currently lives in canada could you give me some feedback? how is it up there? what do you like/dislike. perhaps even answere the eternal question why are you all so damn peacefull and happy all the time and could someone scared from this crappy country learn your ways? all i want in life is to work my little job live in my little townhouse and watch the sun set from my roof..

  2. come on out canadians join your brother told here and tell us of the wonders of canadaiancy =D

    (is there anything not to like about canada?sept for the cold of corse)
  3. i thought about moving out myself. im afraid though youd have to give up your citizenship. but if things continue the way they are, may not be a bad idea. i havent visited canada but i work with canadians everyday. most of the time they piss me off, but its nothing personal, its all work related. anyways, i would have a hard time moving there because i hate the cold. i love the warmth of mexico, which ive been, but they have no middle class. so dealing with poverty from day to day can be taxing at least to me it was. but id like to hear more on how it would be living up there. i like the european look the cities and townes have, but are the people as such as europeans?
  4. no way.. calgary's gay.. it's like the Texas in the North.. toronto is fuckin' cool. there's so much to do.. it's like a new york only without so many people. i absolutely love bc and alberta.. things are so cheap there.. ontario is expensive to live in too.. or live on the east coast where people are too friendly.. i know it's an old post but i've never seen this one before!! dont go to reeeeeally cold places like northern ontario or northern quebec. stay in the -40 degrees Celsius places like toronto.. hahaahaha.. winter's gonna rule!
  5. anywhere you go in canada will be nice. ontario's expensive, but there's tons of construction going on. the north pays well, but the cost of living is sky high (8$ for milk) and it's fucking cold up there. -40 ain't nothing. the east coast is wonderful, and the west is beautiful. good luck finding your spot.
  6. alrighty sounds like as nice of a place as i rememberd it..eh one last question..ima electrician would there be enought work to live off of? if so i'll start saving up money now for the move =)
  7. ohhhh canada i plan to move to thee lol =)

  8. where were you during the blackout? of course they're needed.

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