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  1. I have been getting migranes every so often, I'd say about 3 times a week latley. My mom has a history of migranes and is on a bunch of meds for them, and it's also because of her high blood pressure. The only thing I find that helps these migranes is to smoke -GOOD- bud. I can even take pain killers and they won't help these migranes, when one comes on, i'm stuck where I am untill it's gone. So basiclly what I'm saying, is do you think I should go to the doctor? I know theres nothing they can do to help me, but maybe I need to get my head checked out. I have had many concussion's from hockey and football, so I don't know if thats a problem. But I just got one of the migranes at 6pm, and it just now got done, and i must say it almost brought me to tears.


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  2. You don't know for sure that you have migranes until your diagnosed. But, your heredity might say otherwise. I'd check into a doctor, soon. My meds help a lot.
  3. Thanks, but when I go talk to the doctor, should I tell him that I smoke marijuana? And if so, do I tell him that it helps me when I smoke it when I get these headaches? I don't care if he tells my parents as to I'm 18, I'm just wondering if it's ok to tell him this.


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  4. nobody hates painkillers! lol

    i would go to the doc

    1. to really see what the problem is, for sure migraines but its best to get everything checked anyways

    2. to score some painkillers anyways lol

    hope it gets better i have never had a migraine but i will never forget i had to watch my mom endure one and it made me feel bad. all she could attempt to do is sleep

    good luck

    edit: i would tell the doc you smoke. i mean there are laws that they cant tell your parents anything like that even if you were under 18 so you should be fine there
  5. I don't see any harm, but I don't see any gain. I'd say half the doctors are going to advise agaisnt you smoking. He can't prescribe you marijuana, either. Pick your road.
  6. Well the only reason I am thinking about telling him I smoke it, is due to the fact that they legalized MM in a few cities down state. Perhaps in the near future MM will be state-wide, and stating a case now, might help me in the future. Who knows, I just want these headaches to stop, I can handle pain, but this isn't pain, this is more. It feels like someone is stabbing me in the eyes and has a vice on my head ... ahh.. :(


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