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Migraine from weed? Possible or Not Possible?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HaT, Nov 14, 2011.

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    Ive been smoking for about a year and half and NEVER got a severe headache from it..I smoke mids and dank out of bongs,pipe,and blunts. The last 3 days Ive smoked, I got a SEVERE headace. I have bad allergies but I doubt thats causing it, and I drink a lot of water. Any Idea what could be casuing the headaches:mad:
  2. I smoke to keep my headaches away.
    Works very well.

    Maybe you chiefed on a stem? I'v heard that it will give you a headache...
    Eat something out of your typical diet?

  3. I usually dont smoke stems because Im a blunt fan..and stems + rilllo = flute blunt :D

    but it might be food possibly? Weed killed my appetite for food..which was a good thing cause I lost some weight..but idk if thats the issue.
  4. I definitely think your allergies could be contributing to your headaches seeing as i have bad seasonal allergies too, but what usually does it for me is mids. I almost never buy mids but the last time I did I remember getting mild headaches every time I would smoked.

  5. Yeah, I think it might be the mids getting to me. Because ive never got a headache after smoking dank.
  6. I smoke nothing but top shelf dank and have been getting headaches recently. No clue why but it's pissing me off, have switched to oil now and am in the market for a vap to see if I can vape w/o getting a headache. :(
  7. Im pritty sure its the alergies dude bc dank dosent give migraines...i got the card bc only weed gets rid of them for me...the mids might have been grown outdoors so it could have some of the stuff u are alergic to on it
  8. I think its the smoke that's giving you a headache.
    Smoke shrinks the blood vessels in your body so that could be causing it. I used to experience that exact same thing just with cigarettes. With weed too sometimes but now I only vape and it has gone away.
  9. if u smoke stems or seeds u can get a headache. also if u puff dank all the time and go to mids u mite also get a headache. headaches can be possible from weed, but not in the way u described i think
  10. I've never gotten a headache from mids, and I've picked up mids in Maine and then smoked dank, then mids, then dank, with no noticeable headache. I've also smoked stems with no headache. Headaches are caused by tightening of the (i think) trapezius muscle, pushing on opposite sides of the skull at about an inch above the ear can alleviate them, as well as pushing up on the occipital bones that protrude a tiny bit behind your ears. all you have to do is put your thumbs a little into the flesh under that bony protrusion and push upwards with light pressure, its also a great stress reliever.

    this isn't really gonna help stop them, just make them feel better when they happen
  11. No joke, what is the weather like where you are at for the past couple of days? Is it raining, or sunshine?
  12. id say it's allergies. i always get headaches when i smoke if i dont take my allergy meds. the smoke aggravates the sinuses and causes headaches. maybe try vaping?
  13. Are you using butane when you smoke...?? otherwise probably just the allergies....take some advil or something of that sort
  14. So I stopped smoking since monday night because I got another migraine for smoking some really good dank. Then Tuesday I started getting migraines without even smoking?! I went to the doctor, they gave me some medicine(promethazine :D) and migraine medicine. But im scared to ever smoke again because the pain from the migraine is NOT worth it. But hell it might not even be the bud...but I think it because last 3 times I smoke I got it right after.
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  16. Thats so true.. because I first got the migraine after smoking some mids, then that day I ate a brownie with mids in it(fucked me up) then been getting them since then.
  17. Has anyone else experienced what Im going through? I would understand getting them from mids...but im smoking HIGH GRADE DANK and still getting migraines.
  18. Stems, seeds, resin all give me a headache to some degree, but, not always.

  19. Yeah id get headaches from that stuff too every now and then! having like serious migraines lol HUGE difference..shit makes me feel like chopping my head off haha
  20. [quote name='"HaT"']

    Yeah id get headaches from that stuff too every now and then! having like serious migraines lol HUGE difference..shit makes me feel like chopping my head off haha[/quote]

    Lol I know that feeling. I usually take max doses of tylenol and ibuprofen when it gets that bad.

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