Mightve Almost Gotten Shot

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    So today, my friend who moved an hour away came to visit and we picked up a third friend. I had some ganja on me so we went to the park and smoked 4 joints.Then we went to the water fountains and walked towards some bleachers across the fountain. My friend got weird and said we had to leave.Turns out he saw some gang banger coming at us from that direction putting a magazine/clip into his gun and cocking it, but turned back when he saw my friend looking in his direction.By the way, none of us are gang related but my friend who witnessed it gives off that appearance. So yea, that's my story and my first post. Oh, the strain name was, 'LA Crack' or something like that. I doubt that's the real name. Has anyone heard of that? '360 joints in my body and not one in my pocket.'
  2. People ask me why I carry. This is why.
    Also it's probably LA Confidential X Green Crack.
  3. Im glad i dont have to deal with this bullshit for the most part where im at, if you want trouble here you gotta ask for it..Usually. 
  4. welcome to the city. thats a hell of a first post, scary shit man. glad you made it out of there, dude could have made a decision. never take life for granted, you never know when its your day. 
  5. Truer words have never been spoken.
  6. This is why I carry over 16 shuriken, hidden in my clothing

    No really, I use a bolo to hunt as well
  7. Shot by the grammar police maybeSent from my GT-S5360 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  8. Had a cop point a gun at my face from about 10ft away once. I'm sure it was cocked ready to go...
  9. This is why I still have a small bit of love for Britain, at least we fight toe to toe. I mean how manly is it to shoot someone that can't defend themselves.
  10. Maybe if gun laws were tighter in America to begin with you wouldn't all have to worry about carrying and shit like that, too late now though is what it is. Glad you're okay OP Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  11. Yeah dude maybe if they made tighter drug laws people wouldn't do drugs either.
    The difference is we Americans are allowed to defend our lives with a gun..in Britain, someone can be after you with a butcher knife and you have no gun to shoot them with. People are less likely to fuck with someone who might have a gun..just saying.
  13. Just saying what? i dont see what that had to do with my joke haha... but i see what your saying i just dont know why?
    You said in Britain you fight toe to toe. We fight toe to toe too, we don't shoot people in a fist fight, like you implied in your post.
    If you are saying Britain's gun laws are good, and it's great that people can't legally own a gun, you're crazy. That's what my post meant lol
  15. Good assumption, i do think our gun laws are better then that of American gun laws, guns breed fear expecially if every tom, dick and harry are carrying them about.

    Who told you we cant legal own a gun? Legally Under a section one firearms license you can have up to 308. rifles and under section 2 allows 12 gauge shotguns, but you must have due cause to own a firearm so it stops nutters getting guns and shooting up schools.

    After Dunblane school shooting pistols were banned in the uk and shootings have gone down and down.
  16. Dude your first post makes sense now i didnt even look at the thread i was posting in, :bongin:  haha
  17. Thanks to everyone that replied. Can't wait to legally carry. It's too bad i can't legally own a handgun for another 3 years.360 joints in my body and not one in my pocket.
  18. Your friend was probably just high n paranoid
  19. Pull that shit on me and Imma have two guns to find pockets for.......And what kind of idiot carries an unloaded gun? That is just stupid..
    Is that because you are a mental patient, or because you weren't old enough to sign up for GC...I mean a permit?

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