Might Start a YouTube Channel.

Discussion in 'General' started by window kush, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. Hey gc users I've been really think of starting a YouTube channel and after losing my job to some bs, I think it's time.

    I just wanted some support or to see if anyone would be interested in the content I'm think of uploading. So first things first I love weed so I will make videos on that but I'm also a young adult and crazy shit happens in my life that I think is interesting . I just think this type of channel is missing on YouTube. A channel who would genuinely care about supporters, upload daily, upload quality and entertaining videos etc.

    So please if you interested, have any thoughts, or questions feel free to comment below.
  2. Kind of a shitty time to hop on board the whole youtube thing.
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  3. ok you are a bit late and i must say, dont use this as an alternative to a job.

    If you do plan on doing it then go for it but try to have support, be original and have high quality videos.
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  4. While I myself could care less about whether or not it's too late to join the popular Youtuber crowd, you do realize that you might not end up popular on there. All of the famous users on there just have talent and luck.

  5. Have have been doing it for years before they even start making money
  6. If its your cup of tea go for it man! Just remember you wont hit 100000000 subscribers in a week, and if its personal and based on your own life, expect haters, and dont let them shake or rattle ya.

    exposure is hard to get, don't sweat it, it'll come.
  7. If you're into video games, I honestly think Twitch streaming may be slightly easier to break in to than Youtube.
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  8. This, steaming has gotten huge these past few years.

    And of course don't expect to be getting a ton of subscribers from just a few videos or streams here and there, it'll be a long time before you start making enough money to live off of it but the possibilitys are out there.

    Also you gotta have a thick skin to do this, people will hate you, simple as that. People will go to your videos to just call you stupid things in the comments, so just be prepaid.
  9. I think the best way to go is to use multiple platforms first and build a fan base on each. Like open a vine account, do some creative shit, tell some jokes, play some video games, and have those followers join you on Instagram and then invite them to follow you on YouTube. Its possible to get popular but you have to be pretty creative/interesting/controversial.

    Whenever you open your account/s post them here and id be glad to give you a follow.
  10. Honestly it would probably be more of a liability that a way to obtain a fanbase and sponsorship. Unless you can 100% prove your legal, and also never show the outside of your grow/location or expect some midnight visitors.
  11. Watch the 150 dab guy. You might geta few ideas dont forget the wrist bands & t shirts!

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  12. To own Youtube Channel is definitely a wonderful idea! Try to make only original and unique content. Personally, I have my own fashion and style YouTube channel. To make it popular, I resorted to buying YouTube views by real people. Now I can go without this method:)
  13. A wanking channel might be a good idea.

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  14. Lmfao might try it out

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    Definitely it is wonderful idea because visual attract more than reading something. But the problem is which type of material should we share with public.
  16. You have got 1 life to live. Try it. I will subscribe. I made a channel to upload my music, my page only has a little over 100 views and only 3 subscribers after 2 weeks, but It still feels good, you've got to take what you can get. Just let us know so we can show some GC support!
  17. Post the info up when you have it and I will sub. I have a channel too. I talk about movies and whatnot. I do it for fun. Have a thick skin and don't treat it as a job. Just have fun with it. What editing software will you be using?
  18. Yeah do the twitch route they pay you more. Especially once you get partnered. For YouTube you only get like .60$ for each ad. Whereas on Twitch you can have the subscriber button. I'd stream but 5mbps isn't a good upload speed.

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  19. I am also running a channel based on Documentaries. No doubt it is a good idea but all we need is good stuff and quality editing software!
  20. You are absolutely right newbie!

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