might star a grow again...is it worth it...

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  1. hey most of my seeds are pretty much dead and i was wandering if it would be worth me buying a another batch and starting them real quick. they might not get as big, but will they still yeild something worth the while? i live in Baltimore, MD and we probably have another 3-4 months until they would be harvested. if so, can some1 help me pick a seed company that fullfills the following trait....

    1. company that is extremely fast to deliver to the east coast.
    2. has feminized seeds
    3. accepts US dollars
    4. (if possible) i know that some companys give a free pack of seeds when u buy 1, does any1 know of a company that does this?

    if it is just too late to start again then tell me the truth lol, but hopefully iits not and hopefully someone can help me pick a seed company so i can order them ASAP, hopefully today if i can some responsed. thanks alottttt
  2. i think i answered my own question. i hear alot of good stuff bout DR chronic, but i dont know if they give u a free pack. if not then i will live, but does any1 know if they give a free pack with ur purchasE?
  3. the doc 9 times out of 10 will give you a free pack.

    if you join hg420, it's free, you can get a 10% discount if you enter your name when you check out.
  4. what does "stability" mean on doctor chronics website under the strains? it says "stability - 40%, etc"
  5. im not sure but d chronic is amazing and yes they give yo a free pack.
  6. Place in Amsterdam gave me a free pack a couple of years ago. It was pure sativa, long and lanky, never finished. No such thing as a free lunch!!
  7. www.seedboutique.com also... they always give free packs. I haven't used dr chronic yet... I will soon because seedboutique doesn't have seeds by the breeder spice brothers, and they have what I want for next grow. I heard that dr. chronic only send you free packs if you are a member of icmag.... I registered for icmag like two weeks ago and I can't post because i'm "in queue for the moderator to activate my account" or something like that.... I don't know what the problem is.

    stability means how stable that strain is... it is saying how similar each plant from seed is... so, 40% stability would mean that there are a number of different phenotypes that show up and the plants are not very uniform... not necessarily a bad thing, but generally when you're buying seeds you're trying to get good genetics so you know exactly what you're getting... so a high stability % would be better so your plants are all uniform and come out as what you expect them to be.

    pretty much seedboutique or dr. chronic is the way to go... seedboutique is very fast... haven't used dr. chronic but heard they are fast too.
  8. I´ll buy that.

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