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might of smoked moldy pot....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BuryMeInTrichs, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Was at a party/gathering tonight when to my delight a couple guys decided to pack a bowl

    It was dark and it hit great but i never felt much of a high and it had an odd smell.

    My friend said he bought a nick from the guy and it was kinda moist

    Is it harmful? Or is this something i can look back at and laugh about?

  2. wait a day or two but you should be aight (i bet a good percentage of smokers have done this)
  3. Yo, I just smoked moldy pot yesterday..

    My brother left an orange peel in the container where he puts his weed while he went on vacation for like 2 weeks and when he came back yesterday I saw it was fuckn all moldy and the orange peel didnt even look like an orange peel anymore it was white and fuzzy and also part of it was black, and some of the weed had white hair all of it, there was like 1/8th left and I picked it apart and tried to take as much mold off as I could, I lost like half of the weed tho b/c the other shit was unsmokeable.

    Anyways, we smoked it and I was gunna use the bong but I wanted a joint instead, and at first it didn't taste good and it was ok, but I was actually pretty high for like 4 hours and it wasn't even good weed.

    The moral of the story, if you have moldy weed, be sure to pick off as much of it as possible, with tweezers or your fingernails. Also, if you have a choice I would definitely use a bong, JUST INCASE to filter out the "mold spores" that may still be in the weed. I'm sure that the fire will kill any of the mold, but just incase use the bong so the water would filter out the "impurities".

    Hope this helps with any future mold victims.
  4. me and all my friends have smoked moldy weed plenty of times

    not the safest thing in the world - but you're fine
  5. if you smoke moldy weed you can develop a severe respiratory infection that can lead to strp throat and even death. so you know. have fun with that
  6. what makes you think a bong would filter out the impurities entirely. there are bubbles of only whats touching water might get filtered out...i wouldnt smoke moldy weed at all.

    even if you pick all of it off, there are spores all over the bud. it may not have "sprouted" or whatever it is that mold does, but its still infested weed.

    toss it out and accept that its a loss. there is no reason to put your health or anyone else health at risk. say someone is allergic to mold...that could fucking cause a bad allergic reaction
  7. Holy shit man I didn't say it will filter it out, It will definitely help though. I said JUST INCASE cuz if your smoking it out of a joint then theres a higher chance of getting pieces of the mold in your system. Im not a scientist and neither are you so calm down..
  8. i just saying it happened to my friend at school and it freaked him out so i just make it a point to let people know it shouldnt be done
  9. smoking mold is crazy dangerous
    sstuff can kill you
  10. I've smoked potting soil before, so I think you'll be dandy.
  11. alright so today i went over to my friends and we inspected the nick he bought... its very brown... and kinda moist/sticky.
    the sticky is just from it being moist though.

    i havent died yet, so its all gravy.
  12. it brown as in hairs or brown as in like brick weed?
  13. like bad weed

    it actually looks like it used to be good weed, but its about 6 months old and got rained on.

    no mold though from what i could see

    shit.... now i need something good to get my mind off this


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