Might have told a police officer i torrent

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    Okay, so I work as an Apple rep at The Futureshop (think best buy) in my town. Today a man came in, and like any other day I sell him on the macs. But he says there's no reason he needs a new Mac, I was justifying the cost of a Mac with how long my MacBook has lasted, when he asks if I'll sell it to him.

    It is a 4 year old MacBook so I tell him $400 would be fair. He agrees and we get to talking about meeting up to test out the MacBook and such. He actually tells me he is a cop for a small (100 person) town. But we continue talking about other stuff

    Then me being maybe an idiot says "well there's lots of 'downloaded' software on my MacBook, I can either delete it or leave it for you". (thought I'd be doing the guy a favor cause I forgot he was a cop) he replies "That would be awesome" and we both sorta laugh like it is no big deal. Then he says he has to talk to his wife first but will call me.

    Later I realize what I've just done. I'm kinda getting paranoid, I did not give
    Him my first and last name, so I am sort of safe. But if he calls should I straight up ask him if he is gonna bust me for torrenting? From what I understand if you ask the question directly they cannot lie.

    On one hand I could just delete the whole harddrive (triple format it) but that might leave the guy dissapointed now. Lol what a jam.
  2. I wouldn't worrie about it. Leave it and see what happens
  3. wow, i can't believe how paranoid some people are. does something like this actually make you paranoid? you must have a really stressful life.
  4. I would just wipe it. Tell him it was your personal shit. without that evidence he cant do shit and chances are he doesnt give a shit if you do torrent
  5. A small town cop isn't gonna bust you for torrenting..
  6. I use to download software, music, and videos for my high school teachers and police officers I knew so I have a feeling you will be ok. ;)
  7. While I agree chances are he doesn't give a shit. But on the other hand we are talking about thousands of dollars in software, and it would be very easy to 'meet up' and have his squad waiting for his confirmation of torrents.

    Then he would look like one hell of a small town cop, making such a big bust.

    On the other hand, I agree this could be paranoia talking. Normally I don't stress over simple things, but you gotta see the potential bad in this.
  8. i Fucked a cop over the interwebs.
  9. Torrenting is legal...just not copyrighted stuff.

    I'm sure he doesn't give a fuck. When he's not in uniform he's just a regular dude lookin for a deal on a computer. Just my two cents
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    This man basically nailed it
  11. yea he probably wont care but to be safe just wipe the whole computer. Also if i was buying a computer from someone i would want all there "shit" on it

  12. this exactly
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    You're fuckin retarded ahahaha

    Name calling is not tolerated here. Mat369
  14. everybody torrents man. even cops. trust me. they dont give a shit.
  15. its not his job to bust you for torrenting. isnt that the fbi or cia's job? i highly doubt he cares. at all.
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    I doubt OP would leave his personal files...I believe he was just talking about downloaded programs.

    OP, like others have said, he's just a normal guy looking to get a good deal on a computer. Hell, he might not even know what torrents are. If he questions where the programs came from, you could always say you got them for free through work or something. He'll just be glad he doesn't have to drop $400 on Microsoft office.
  17. He said "that would be awesome" and you both laughed. Even so I don't think that is even a small town cop's jurisdiction? Can he even do anything if he wanted to?
  18. You need to relax dude, u must have a very worried life
  19. You did that and you haven't fled the country yet!? He will come get your computer and everything will be fine and then in the dead of night a 20 man FBI swat team will raid your house and kill your family members before taking you to Guantanamo Bay for interrogation. Torrenting is worse than terrorism.
  20. do you live in the town that he is a cop in? cause if not i don't think he could bust you if he wanted to because he's not a cop in every town only the one hes got the badge from. but if he really wanted to maybe he could call the police station in the city you live in and tell them or something like that but i doubt it.

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