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Might have to take an ADD test, will they drug test me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by buddders, May 21, 2010.

  1. hey guys, im gonna take an ADD test and was wondering if they were gonna drug test me. Has any one had any experience with this before?
  2. why would they drug test you?

  3. i dont know mang.. maybe to be like hmm does he have add cuz of drugs?! idk if theyre stupid or idk mang. i just get paranoid when im high ahha
  4. what? that's the dumbest thing I ever heard.
  5. they didnt drug test me....then again i was 7
    good thing too cuz i was hiiiiighhh haha nah jk
  6. Only if your piss has ADD too.

  7. nope, not sure why they would have any reason to drug test you. i got tested for ADD 2 years ago.
  8. They won't drug test you bro.

    Relax, just seem normal and slightly depressed that you're there... being tested for ADD. You'll probably get speed anyway, or some type of school-enhancing stimulant pharm. Ritalin does wonders when used properly.. same for Adderall, but of course theres the people who like to have fun :smoke:
  9. how old were you? well id want them to think that drugs have something to do with it cuz i know for a fact it dosnt..

  10. na im not into that poppin stuff at all. id take it for its purpose, to help me concentrate. i heard it also helps you lose wieght :D might be my cure for the munchies <3
  11. I was... what.. 14 I think?

    Went from strattera to some others before settling on Ritalin though so yeahhhh.

    and yeah, virtually any stimulant will have an anemic effect on you and make you have a very small or no appetite.
  12. no. they do treat you like a retard when you take the test tho, so you should feel at home........just playin:D
  13. How exactly do they test you?
    what do they do?
  14. Not sure why they would want to even know if you were on drugs. Doctors normally don't run drug panels unless they are assisting in a drug abuse treatment program, but even if they did for some obscure money wasting reason, they wouldn't be able to share those results without your consent. So there would be nothing to worry about.
  15. They won't drug test you, and be sure not to mention anything about abusing drugs, or smoking weed. Then they most likely won't give you medicine for your ADD.
  16. Cannabis is great for ADD/ADHD. Ritalin, adderoll, etc are meth/amphetamines, stimulants, they can seriously fuck you up.
    There is very little chance of them testing you. They may ask or something, then you can say whatever you want.
  17. they will test you in the form of a video and short list of questions to see if you have ADD. then they will give you legal speed. but weeds illegal.

    i used to use Vyvanse and i gave it up and smoke instead. ADD meds are fun but horrible on your system..
  18. You would know if they were going to test you. Unless it's court mandated you have to give prior consent if you're 18+. If you're under 18 then your parents can give the consent.
  19. I had to give a DT before I got my biphentin(same active as ritalin) but the doc knew I smoked weed and gave me 3 weeks to detox before I took it.

    btw don't take concerta if they prescribe it. its expensive and shitty to use compared to other ADHD meds.

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