Might have to put my dog down on my birthday

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  1. you know you love your dog when you let it on the couch lol.

    looks like a chill dog, dogs are awesome especially these dogs, if its anything like the pitbull mixes i had experience with they are awesome.

    these dogs will run around all fucking day if they want to lol
  2. No kidding man, I walk this guy 2-3 hours a day on top of the dog park. I work nights so I get to just chill with him all day.
  3. UPDATE:

    Guess who's back! He's mad because I won't feed him regular dog food just yet (he's on some intestinal health canned food). Other than that though he's himself again! The vet called and told me to come collect my wild dog :p. For anyone living in the charleston area Patrick Vetinary on Meeting street downtown really took care of me. It was 1/4 of the price I was expecting and told me to pay it when I can. Mr. Patrick even called this morning to see how Tigger was doing. I couldn't ask for a better vet experience.

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  4. Im glad your little guy pulled thru man. Good for you for taking the risk and getting the surgery. I hope your housing situation works out too
  5. I'm SO happy for you, and your pup! So glad it worked out well, and I love hearing about vets like yours.. we need to keep more folks like them, in business!

    I hear all too often, people being told that they have to choose between life, for lots of money, and death, as the only 'affordable alternative'.... only to find out after they've paid to have their animal put down, that a clinic up the street would have performed the life-saving surgery on a payment plan. :(

    I'm thrilled that wasn't the case for you! :hello:
  6. One of the best threads ive seen in a long time, so glad everything worked out ok!
  7. Glad to hear everything worked out man! My dog Shadow that I had since I was two had to be put down when I was 16, he had really bad hip dysplasia. I spent my last moments with him petting him and crying before my parents took him to the vet.

  8. Exactly what was about to happen to him! I was told by the vet the night before that these surgeries can cost thousands and then you risk him not even making it if an infection happens from opening the intestine. Dr. Patrick told me that he would try the surgery regardless and if it became complicated in anyway he would put him down to save him from further pain. This of course was the best choice because it turned out to be more minor that we thought. I am VERY appreciative of vets like him! I got a call an hour later expecting to hear the worst and he was happy to tell me tigger was in recovery and seemed to be bouncing back quickly.

    Not once did any of the staff even ask me to pay or how much it was going to be. They took care of the dog first and foremost. All they told me when I came to pick him up was that they understand in emergency situations they allow you to pay on your time. Shocking right?

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