Might have to put my dog down on my birthday

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  1. Pics of the champ!!

  2. Awww that's the cutest pup! I've been looking for a mix like that. If you don't mind could you pm me the mix? Thanks!
    Btw great to hear he's doing good! That's one hell of a dog
  3. Glad I came in to see this thread go from a shitty situation to a great one.
    Yeah if your dog picks things up, rubber bands are like one of the worst things for animals...they're small, they look "interesting", they're easy to swallow and they can just fuck shit up.
    It's good that this was fairly uncomplicated, and I'm sure he'll be fine.

    I assume he's a staffordshire cross?
    I have an English Staffordshire crossed with a large fox terrier, I see a lot of similarity in our dogs though yours looks a little larger, perhaps an American staffy?
    But yeah check it out. He's a fair bit younger in these pics but these days he looks quite like yours.
  4. Haha that's awesome! Your dog has almost the same markings as my Boxer pup
  5. What a fuckin awesome thread. This is why I am still on the internet.
  6. That sucks man, especially on your birthday?! Wtf..
    Hopefully your dogs ok. I can't imagine the day I lose mine..I will truly miss a great friend :'(
  7. Sorry to hear, I hope he turns out ok.
  8. Hell yes man! Glad to hear about your dog. Always good to hear a success story.
  9. On a side note, my dog feel down the stairs when i was a kid and he was really old. It broke his legs and we had to put him down. Now He's burried under a tree in my front yard
  10. [quote name='"beatadrum"']Pics of the champ!!


    Ahhh so koot

    Glad hes alright man!
    Stay up!
  11. First of all i would like to say i hope your dog comes through
    now having said that
    pay close attention
    when you type something like this
    Drives me nuts, its not the companys fault the owners head is in the clouds, and if you're going to be responsible for another life, act like it please

    your dog has the mental understanding capacities of a 3 year old kid, everything that dog does good or bad for the rest of its life is refelected on its owner,
    its your responsiblity to look after him.
    I cant help but feel that its your carelessness that caused this...
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    I agree with you man, I guess the sarcasm I meant when I typed that didn't come through text very well. I know it is my responsibility to take care and prevent these things from happening, at the same time these things happen to even the most careful owners. Hound dogs and certain breeds I feel get into trash and random things more often than others. Would I feel like a bad owner? Obviously, but it'd be foolish to think I could watch like a hawk everything that he picks up in his mouth. I'm sure there's lots of dogs that don't investigate and pick up everything, but that's how he is.
  13. He's a Plott Hound mix for those asking.
  14. Man, I am extremely sorry about the situation you are in. I have had to put down a few animals in my day. None as young as yours though. I really hope the pooch makes it out of it though!!!!!!!!! I'll smoke my next bowl for the guy. It always pains me to see animals hurting.

    By the way it's my birthday too. So happy birthday. Stay strong for your dogs sake.
  15. Great to hear! I like his markings on his fur you don't see that too often
  16. Damn dude, I couldn't even imagine.


    edit:: read previous replies. so happy for you man!
  17. This is what will happen.
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mjq9tIJVenc&feature=related]FG - How's your leg? - YouTube[/ame]
    But with a dog.
  18. That is a really good looking dog man, i love pitbulls. I even have one of my own. They can be seriously nice dogs. Im sorry youre in such a shitty position, maybe you could ask your parents for help financially? I dont know man, i just really hope your little guy pulls thru, hes too young and too good looking to go now. Good luck
  19. I'm so happy to find out you got him the surgery,
    thumbs up for a speedy recovery!~ :)
  20. Heres sending good vibes, Im glad everything turned out alright, and hope hes great in the future!

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