Might have to give her the D guys..

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  1. So theres this girl and we've been friends for like 3-4 years now. We dated in like my sophmore year of highschool. We broke up after like a week cause she went back to her ex lol I got over it and we are cool till this day.

    Let me tell you that guy she went back to after me -_- (They've had an on and off thing forever, pretty annoying) Anyways, she just called me saying how her and her friend are newly single and that they want to party soon.

    She then texts me after saying that she thinks we should have sex. Its been a while since i've had sex but I think i'll be alright when the time comes. I dont have any feelings for her, havent had sex in a while, why not right? Haha
  2. pound her fukin milf pussy
  3. Lmao she doesnt have a kid but will do!

  4. MILFs don't have to have children, just be older, round say, the age of a mother ;)
  5. Haha yeah but she's 19
  6. Ah I see. My mistake on this case. The guy who said milf put it into my head you said something bout her being older, but after rereading it, I see that isn't true.
  7. Mmmmnhnm you might have to ranger Roger its about that time
  8. Exactly, why not! Go balls deep on her bro. She asked you for it. You have no feelings for her but want some pussy, she just wants the D, sounds like a perfect fuck buddy situation. I am jealous my friend :p step up to the plate! Rise to the occasion (heh). But seriously, do her.
  9. Lul, congrats, you're about to get laid! You already knew you were going to tap that ass, so when you say it's been a while, you must mean a LONG while if you're so excited you gotta tell all of us. :p

    The definition of MILF... yeah, she does have to be a mother, which is made obvious by the M in the beginning of the acronym. If she's just an older woman she isn't a MILF, she's a cougar. C'mon, guys. o_O

    As for the moral side.. she wants it, you want it.. Bang her. BANG HER. BAAAAAAAAANG HEEEEEEEEER.
  10. pound that pussy out like a hammer tenderizes a slab of meat
  11. The girls you don't have feelings for are the ones you can really get down with, take advantage of that empty void in your heart and fill it with her screams of lust!
  12. Exactly, its actually been like 5 months since i've done some oral yet havent had sex since last summer D: I just hope i'm not rusty haha
  13. Yeah, it just felt right to tell the city this lmao
  14. Werd OP as long as you don't have any feelings for her then you should be good.
  15. I used to back when we first started talking but she played me. I feel like this will be good for the part of me that always wanted to hit it. I'm juat not excited about afterwards. Maybe i'll tell her to come smoke, bang, then smoke again.
  16. Did she put in you the friend-zone before? Because I've been in the friend zone and got out of it with no problems. But I feel you though, there's this girl I haven't seen a while either, I was going to hit it but had to move.
  17. You best preform better than her ex...or all she'll be thinking about after the sex is him...
  18. plunge that bitch like a clogged toilet
  19. Back in school she said I kissed a whole lot better than her ex. So I got that going for me haha
  20. Yes I guess you could say that. Now is my chance to hit it and quit it. Hopefullu she doesnt want anything other than sex

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