Might get tested tomorrow

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  1. Whaddup GC,
    So I might be getting a lab drug test tomorrow. The last time I toked was yesterday. Do you think there is anyway i can pass?
  2. How much did you smoke? If you got LOADED I doubt you'll pass w/o platinum or something..
  3. no, you will probably not pass.. too bad
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    dink hella water and sweat a shit load. drink hella before the test so your just pissing water, worked for me man, and im pretty chubby
  5. I smoked like 5 bong packs with my friend. If i drink too much water, the test will be invalidated. So idk what to do. I took some flush free niacin. Idk if that would help.
  6. i never had the ebst of luck but non of the detox drinks work dont even bother

    take tons of vitamins, drink a shitload of water is how i have passed probation tests.. but you can come out diluted if you dont take enough vitamins

    someone i kno was telln me they passed by eating a couple cloves of garlic and drink shit like canberry juice to get you to piss alot and drink alot of water

    my boy i smoke with everyday we smoke atleast a quarter a day easy and he passed in 1 fucking day LOL not saying everybody all depends on your metabalism. but when i passed i stopped for a couple days atleast
  7. ....Pretty chubby dude your obese.

    No your not gonna pass I day to get it out not gonna happen

  8. thats not me, it was a fuckin joke dumbass

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