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Might get DT'ed :/

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iKb, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Hey guys..

    Shit hit the fan the other day at my work's staff do when my mate got arrested for having 2 joints with him.
    I could end up getting questioned and maybe drug tested in the next few days, because we're quite close mates.

    So my question is, will I pass a drug test in the next couple of days?

    I've had a massive break (maybe 3/4 months?) from the last time I smoked frequently, and so the only THC in my system will be from when I smoked on Friday and Saturday.

    I have quite a fast metabolism, weigh 135lb, 5'11" tall and am quite slim.

    I'm also half chinese if that helps..?


  2. hahahahahaha

  3. lol.. shhh..

  4. LOl, not being racist, just felt it funny that you mentioned it.

    As for your Q i have no idea.
  5. I think it all depends on the person. I had a friend that used to work with me. He said that he smoke 3 days before the drug test and passed. I've always heard that it takes 2 weeks to get it all out of your system, but I think that is just to be safe. Sorry if I didn't answer your question though. Good luck dude!

    P.s.: You should probably drink a lot of liquids to try to flush out your system just incase. But my friend was about your height and weight, so you may be ok.
  6. the thc in your sytem will be undetectable to standard panel tests in 2-3 days after smoking a joint. if you never smoke, it drops below the detect level quickly. if yo smoke occasionally or regulaly then the clearence time can be 1-3 weeks depending on your body. but a few hits or even a whole joint will clear. BTW just lie, you have no obligation to tell them the truth, they are an employer, not a cop. refuse the test, if they have to have cause in thier policy or area. Don't make a stink, but rem, you have done nothing wrong so politly tell em to go f themselves if they are that nosey.
  7. Dude you're friend fucked up.
  8. if anything that makes you more at risk to being DT'd because of the fact that your eyes are always squinted like you are high, but the fact that you're half chinese may not make it obvious that the reason you're squinting your eyes is because you're chinese. Be scared.

  9. Why would you grave dig a thread like that? It's over a year old with no further replies.
  10. oh damn, i didnt even see the date on this lol
  11. #11 xKushKing420, Nov 1, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 1, 2010
    Mainly because of this..

    Hahahahaha. :smoke:

    But my bad, I fucked up, I just found it too funny not to comment on.

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