Might be placebo... but (sonic brainwave manipulation)

Discussion in 'General' started by CoinOpBoy, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Heres the link, download the mp3, listen to it the whole way through.


    Read about it, the science is right.

    And it might just be me, but I've been listening for about 7 and a half minutes now, and my blinking has become quite rapid, I only noticed it about a half a minute ago. I'm a little jittery.... excited even...... this is some funky stuff....
  2. Theres a program called I-Doser that has a whole list of different drug types. Everything you can imagine and more. I tried it once, didn't have headphones, and got annoyed. Meditating during it had intresting effects though. As you said though, might have been the placebo effect.

    Either way the program can be torrented

  3. Yeah I remember that all that happened to me was it annoyed me and made my ears ring it sucked
  4. Yeah I remember that way back when, and I remember it being quite odd... Weird stuff would happen, along with being annoyed and ringing ears.

    But this isnt making my ears hurt at all, nor is it annoying, its actually quite pleasant... They've added in natural sounds with the right frequencies.
  5. Lol i just downloaded about 50 idoser things and none of them work... ehh it was worth a try.

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