Might be going to Canada for New Years...

Discussion in 'General' started by Sad Panda, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. How stupid would it be to try to bring pot into Canada from the U.S.? Talk some sense into me.

    The border security will be NUTSO due to terrorist threats!

    Just use our weed, dude! We have lots. And have fun.
  3. Well, I don't know anyone in Canada. So I guess being able to buy alcohol will have to do...but I really wish I had some reefer up there.

    Oh and by the way, I'm talking about the U.S.-New Brunswick border in Maine, if that matters.
  4. COME TO CANADA! yahoo... man... we have some good weed up here...
  5. we went to canada two new years ago.... you can find anything you want...... an american money is accepted everywhere...:D

    don't worry man... you shall find what your lungs desire...
  6. lol u dont know anybody?, lol when me and my buddys need weed and our dealer that lives close is out we go to the park and we ask an person who looks 20-30 if they can score us some weed, sounds funny but it works every time, its different in canada, EVERYBODY does it
  7. youll be fine man.

    if your in the maritimes it MIGHT be a little harder to find some bud, but usually its real easy. just dont be shy, ask around.

    asking someone if they have some weed or know anyone with any isnt a crime now is it?? keep in mind you dont know these people, and will never see them ever again, so a reply of "No i dont have marijuana!!!" can quickly be forgotten.
  8. So all of Canada is like this? I mean, I'm going to be in Prince Edward Island, which is way the hell out in the middle of nowhere (7 hour drive from Maine-New Brunswick border). Is all of Canada decriminalized, so I can just go to like a friggen' Pizza place or something and ask an employee if they got any buds? Sounds way too good to be true.
  9. Come on! Has anyone had any experience with this??
  10. make sure the manager is around, and ask em for sure!! Dont ask THEM for weed in particular, just ask if they know where you can score some.

    ASlong as they are a teenage guy, your golden.
  11. yes most of canada ..
  12. canada rocks
    don't try 2 smugle theres lots of dealers up here

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