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Might be buying DBV tomorrow

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by SiDankies, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Im going to go over to the smoke shop just check some things out.. Just wondering exactly how much worse is the smell from a DBV compared to sayy a MFLB..

    Please someone with ACTUAL experience!!
  2. DBV can have a greater odor because you get way fatter rips than you would the the mflb.

    But you can take smaller/less heat rips to get less smell. The da buddha is a great vaporizer I'm hootin mine right now:)
  3. I have a couple SSV's and compared to my iOlite they are a little stinky...The thing is though the smell only hangs for about 5 mins and its gone...I use my SSV a few times a day in my smoke room and it never really stinks...Lighting a candle also helps...

    Use a spoof if your worried about it...You won't be disappointed with DBV it's a great vape...
  4. Havnt used a MFLB but do own a DBV.

    I have no problem with the smell, but it does stay around for about 15-20 minutes.

    If you have parents that you want to hide the smell from, it's easy but make sure you have a window open.
  5. It does smell more than a MFLB, thats for sure, but in terms of vapor its no comparison AT ALL

    Make sure you have the warranty when you buy it

    I bought mine locally for $160 out the door, and thats in overpriced CHicago headshops
  6. More vapor production = more smell, and the DBV, per hit, can produce TONS more vapor than the MFLB.
  7. As has already been stated, you'll get a little more odour with da budda, but it is worth it in quality of vapor.

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