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might be a dumb question but..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bobby82, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. does weed get old? ha ha but seriously i bought an 8th idk like a month ago? but yea it still looks the same (i have lil nugs left) and smells the same but idk could it be old and should be thrown away? the reason it last me so long is cuz i cant smoke when i want cuz of parents so i do like 3 times a week and its usually a quick bowl. oh yea and i keep it in a airtight jar.
  2. Smoke it quick before it self destructs! :eek:

    No, seriously, it should be fine. Toke it up. :smoke:
  3. nothings wrong with that weed if you wanna b stupid and throw it away thats a waste of money and good bud
  4. Yea its definitely past expiration than. Just to let you know that once the CBD in the stuff starts to break down after a couple weeks it turns into HC-049 a highly toxic poison that can be hazardous to your health. Ill tell you what i can dispose of it properly to hazmat for you because its against the law to dispose of that stuff in the regular trash.

    just kidding.......duhh
  5. thoroughly inspect it for mold, search around this forum and you should find plenty pictures of what mold will look like. Break open the buds and look inside. If theres no mold, the worst it'll be is a little bit harsh.
  6. i've kept it over the summer in my house at school and came back and smoked it. Not harmful, maybe dry and might lose a bit of flavor/potency. 1 month = nothing.
  7. after about a year, the taste and smoke gets harsh and it will start to lose potency
  8. I have kept home grown stuff for up to 9 month, just keep it in a jar and not plastic and everything is good
  9. THC does degrade after time. I'd assume it's smokable as long as the mason jar was sealed tight, kept out of heat & light. Also inspect it for mold as someone previously suggested. Although if it was sold to you dried but uncured, you just then increased it's potency, flavor & aroma.
    Keep tokin' :bongin:
  10. It should be fine. I have had weed in a mason jar for a good 3 months before and found it and said "oh damn...fuck it" and smoked it. It was fine.

    What you should look for though is for mold. Here, use a magnifying glass if your not sure, but i bet your fine unless the bud was still wet when you put it in.
  11. Ahright cool thanks guys ima check it for mold ASAP
  12. ive smoked weed thats been atleast 3 months old sitting in my car while i was in europe, still got me high :)
  13. Ive been smoking weed over a year old lately and its as good as ever, but Im trying to get rid of it because soon it will start degrading.
  14. yea theres definately some bad stuff on those nugs, send em to me and ill test them out for ya :smokin:

    Weed takes along time to degrade 1yr+
  15. well it can get moldy and kill you, but it still should be good after a month... if its really dry. and how does an 8th last a month? fuck you're lucky i wish i was an easy bake, get high off of like .2g lol
  16. Cannabis keeps for a long time but the quality can degrade with time if it isn't stored properly. I personally know you can keep it in a jar for at least a few months and not notice a difference in quality
  17. no it cant if anything it gets better over time because the THC like condenses more, it looses mass and gains chronicness :D
  18. :rolleyes:...
  19. ok let me share a story with you. my friend form high school stole 2 joints of medical from his dad one day brought them to school, we smoked one, and were retarded. then he lost the tin he kept it in, and that was that. then a year later... he found it again at school, he looked inside and the joint was still there... from one year ago, we gutted it and smoked a tiny ass blow, that little bit got us just as ripped as the joint from before. so thats where i have my logic from

  20. Oh, I thought you had to be kidding when you said bud gets stronger over time.
    Also just because you got just as high from the same weed a year later does not prove at all that weed gets stronger over time.

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