Might [B]THIS[B/] be the true reality?

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  1. According to quantum physics, everything is in a constant state of randomness and only when a certain thing is seen or percieved does it become 'stable' ... or something like that. Or more simply when somsthing is seen that's when we know it's there ... my GOD all this is too confusing to put into words, but the basic idea is the same that everything out of our awareness is in a state of constant flux.

    Now if that is taken as fact then who is the perciever of reality? As reality is not in a state of constant change therefore it has to be percieved by someone or something who is all-seeing for it to be this 'stable', right?

    Anyway is quantum physics just another way for morons to get PhD's throught thinking up crap and not being actually smart? Most of these buttholes can't even come up with their own equations, they just copy what they learned.

    Don't even get me started on dentists and ooh ... UFOlogists. Dear GOD I am surrounded by idiots ... luckily its easy for me to blend in :D.

    Anyway who is observing reality? Is the universe contained in something? Are black holes sucking up everything? Was the big bang actually a black hole that sucked up itself or collapsed? How can a infinitely small point of infinite density create ... EVERYTHING? If parallel universes are possible, how come random ''thingy's'' don't just fly out of nowhere? Here I'm talking about quantum particles, why don't they just arrange themselves? Are they even conscious, aware? Can they clump together to form an ever present/all present molecule? What could something like that even do?
  2. We, as a collective power, observe reality. That's why reality can shift at times without anyone truly noticing. As a collective consensus realizes new information, their perception will shift and thus reality will follow. Or, at least, that's one explanation I've heard that seems the most fitting to me. There's also the perception of belief and not just observation which could be brought up. That the simple consensual belief exists on Earth that a chair is a chair is enough for a chair to exist in reality.

    Perception is a tricky thing and it becomes increasingly complicated in quantum physics. I kind of tip toe around the subject, but it is very interesting to explore.
  3. Oh really and who is observing you observing reality? Or are we as human free from that everchanging state? Who's to say that I'm even real? I might just be in your mind, trying to get you to realise that your beliefs are erronious, trying to get you out of your delusional state.

    Who's watching who?
  4. Look inside yourself to find the answers you seek.

    We are all vessels of light but that damn on switch is so hard to find...
  5. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7YBmOk1nQw&feature=fvst]Quantum Physics Double Slit Experiment - What The Bleep Movie.flv - YouTube[/ame]

  6. Myself.


    You may not be real, but you probably are since humans are energetic, organic beings. Motivations such as that are interesting, but have nothing to do with whether you are real or not.

    We are perceiving us.
  7. what everyone likes to "miss" or forget about quantum physics.....

    is that it only applys to particles on an atomic/sub atomic level........;):smoke:

    now...this doesnt mean it has no effect on the world at "our level" just not the profound effect many would like to assume.....

    quantum physics points to the idea that.....everything is possible....until we add an observer.......
    now if this was actually true at our "level".....

    we would all be like the coyote......running off the cliff......and just standing there in mid air until he looks down....and "observes" there is no ground below him......
    no fall...
    no gravity....
    until we add that observer.....

  8. Uh-hoogah?
  9. OP, you really need to learn more about quantum physics if you want to tackle quantum philosophy. But, of course you won't since you seem to believe that quantum physicists are just making up whatever they want.......the funny part being that you only believe this based on your own false understanding of the field in the first place......sooooo....congratulations on so thoroughly insulating yourself from science that no post could begin to salvage this thread because if it's actually scientific, you'll dismiss it as stuff that "people just made up without actually being smart" and if it's new-agey-bullshit, you'll dismiss it as not fitting in with quantum science....:yummy:

    Physics is a science and the thing about science is that you don't just make up whatever theory you want out of the blue. You look at an observable phenomenon and then attempt to explain it. The "weirdness" and counterintuitive hypotheses of quantum physics do not come from the physicists, they come from the data itself. That is how real physics works - you are bound to the scientific method and, thus, to the data. Numbers and derivatives and logbooks and all that. With armchair stoner physics you get to make up whateverthefuckyouwant. Your jibe at physicists up there is the ultimate hypocrisy.
  10. I used to try to combine science and big philosophical/metaphysical ideas until I came to the conclusion that we REALLY don't know shit. What makes you believe that your perception is valid? There is no intrinsic truth to what we perceive. We choose to believe it arbitrarily, we choose to believe everything we believe arbitrarily, because there's literally no actual way anyone can claim to KNOW what they perceive is a reality or a hallucination (or dream or just false reality). There could be some grand unifying force that we aren't able to perceive, there's literally an infinite number of possibilities that reality could be since we have no idea what it REALLY is.

    Personally though I like science so I'm gonna keep studyin' it :smoke:

  11. funny you should say that....as i live with a condition which does in fact afford me sporadic hallucinations...
    i see...hear....taste....feel...and smell things that most certainly are not there as far as anyone but myself is concerned....
    i also forget all kinds of shit...sometimes months at a time....sometimes just days or hours.....just gone....
    and i remember things that are just not real at all...at least according to the other people i thought were there....some of the shit i have vivid memories of ...never fucking happened at all.....

    i wake up in strange places with no idea how i got there.....or what i have been up too for days or weeks.....

    for all i know.....all of this could be in my head and i could still be tied to a bed somewhere......wondering how i got there.....
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    You have to acknowledge the objective natural law.. reality exists under specific principles that can't go away just by hoping and praying, or believing they aren't there. Observation does affect particles interaction with wave functions, but I don't think observation has as much of an effect as you think.. it simply causes wave functions to behave how nature intends them too.
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    Nobody has to acknowledge objective natural law. People only do so for the sake of themselves and society, for still arbitrary reasons.

    Can you prove to me that what you perceive is valid?

    Your signature basically sums up my point, DBV lol

  14. under some circumstance yes.....i would agree....
    yet sometimes.....all that shit goes away no matter how much hope it stays....
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    Well you don't have too.. but it is there and it is what controls reality. Not just subjective observation..

  16. How do you know it's what controls reality?

    How do you know your perception of these "natural laws" is valid?
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    Experiments show that with the right circumstances, physics will act all the same. Everything exists under natures law and order, otherwise everything would be a complete mess of chaos. If you enjoy science, you should know about natural law?

    Newton's laws
    Laws of Physics
    Natural Law
    Laws of Nature (this one touches more on philosophy
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    My point is how can you trust your perception of nature. There is no intrinsic truth to what we perceive, to believe it's truth is to do so on faith.

    The only knowledge we have is what we perceive, and there's no way of knowing whether or not it's actually reality.

    Not that it'll stop me in my scientific pursuits, but it's good to remember to keep things in perspective.
  19. We are all connected to this reality, so you have to realise there is objective order and it isn't just subjective perception. Nature's "mind" is within the whole, not just your nervous system.

    As far as it being real, it's as real as the word itself. If it weren't, the word wouldn't exist.

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