Midwesteners hows your heat wave going?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by TimeIsMoney1, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. Today heat index going to be like 103F

    90F and 71% humidity. Hows your plants holding up? My flowering girls arnt liking it
    doing great here... keeping them watered 
  3. Yeah. How often you watering? Im doing every 2 days. However with this heat not sure if i should do it everyday
  4. No dont do it every day. These plants can take a little heat. Every 3 days is perfectly fine. This is one of the reasons i plant mine so that theyre in the shade an hour a day.
  5. I had to move mine into a corn field lol

    More airflow but less light. Old was spot was muggy and was getting powdery mildew
  6. Great, spray them down with small amounts of water ever hour from 12-3 pm. Mine are used to the heat, makes them perk up actually :D Humid as hell
  7. Im slmost tempted to bring them in. Tomorrow is 105F before heat index.
  8. Last time it was this hot was line in july and it did a big toll on my indica. It did not like the heat one bit
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    Its even hotter where I am I had some concerns about this also at the start of the season but it turns out dank loves the heat. I am growing hybrids though. Heck we have had a mild summer for the Midwest and more rain than usual. They will be fine man don't worry.
  10. Not me. Everything is dead here. No rain for a month +

    Trees are even wilting. Were a record high for my state at this time. I moved em into shade. Thank god is going to cool down nxt week
  11. We been wet before all the heat so I was just doing every 5 days with my nutes, and now its hot so I do every 3 days and only do the nutes still every 5-6 days. And yes they handle the heat well regardless of strain. 75-90 is optimal

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