Midwest USA representin'!

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  1. Just kidding, i'm no gangster. I joined this a little while ago, dunno if i ever made an intro or any posts. If so heres a new one i suppose.
    I am from the midwest usa and have two years (or three grows) under my belt now. I've been checking out some sites though, nothing i love more than researching my hobby. I'm always checking out new things to try, i am interested in trying organic and even some autos, does this place have good info for either? Last grow i did was aurora indica outdoors, started organic but used chem nutes later. I got pics if anyone is interested too.
    Anyway i hope to get more acquainted with this site and hopefully learn new things, meet some new people. While i recognize i don't have the most knowledge by any means, perhaps i can help others in some more basic areas. I am 100% willing to share anything i've learned if it means possibly keeping someone else from making the same newbie mistakes i did. :)
  2. I am from the midwest also. Representin' IL!!
  3. SO IL, here! Welcome y'all!
  4. Quad Cities checkin in!

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