Midwest Tokers.

Discussion in 'General' started by Death ColL, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Ames Iowa. Go cyclones
  2. from omaha here! lots of people
  3. Brew City WI.
    AKA Milwaukee;):smoking:
  4. Milwaukee baby!
    Good beer, good times
  5. Rockford, IL...soooooooo boring here but good dank.
  6. South central Kansas..GO JAYHAWKS!!!1
  7. Rice Lake, WI
    hopefully by next fall I'll be going to school in Milwaukee or Minneapolis. I decided to take a year off...
  8. Iowa City area. This place blows but at least there's a half decent amount of nug around.
  9. Sure Mt Vernon blows.. But being 21 in Iowa City is great :wave:
  10. Yeah IC is an awesome town, it's a good mix of chill and busy. Plus all of the locally owned businesses give it a great environment.

    Sometimes I wish I lived in the Tobacco Bowl, there are so many crazy people there that are just fun to watch. A buddy of mine was there once and the guy next to him kept laughing, then crying, then laughing again. It went on like that until he left. That place has personality, to say the least.

  11. I'm from St. Louis. Summers are decent, but the good shit comes in the fall/winter. My guy always brought it from Columbia MO, where I am now at Mizzou. I've never had a problem getting nice bud in stl.
  12. the state of bourbon horses ahaha my old Kentucky home
  13. Since when is Colorado in the Midwest?
  14. Minneapolis. I pretty much never smoke though since I have no money and no friends haha.

  15. Belgrade, Montana
  16. iowa pre close to omaha like 50 miles.
  17. St. Louis Missouri with a Dank connect flying high in the center state.......

    I'm a Sativa guy myself.. which do you guys prefer Sativa or Indica?

  18. Dude I'm going to Mizzou next year! I've heard the bud is excellent!

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