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Discussion in 'General' started by oowe, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Any tokers from the midwest in this forum? If so how would you rate our bud compared to bud in the rest of the country? Honestly I think its really good, being from Ohio I come in contact with many different strains of dank every week..but what's your opinion?
  2. I too live in ohio but as far as the dank being all over i live in toledo so i would be curious as to where you reside?
  3. i live outside of Cleveland in Strongsville, OH
  4. I think the bud here is good but i havent came across any dank in a lil bit. :wave:
  5. really? i can get dank almost everyday
  6. I live in Missouri right now, and the dank does come through just not as many options, when I went to Red Rocks this summer for SCI there were so many different strains, it was a definite plus to have more than just 1-2 strains at a time
  7. I live in portsmouth ohio
    OXY COTTON capital.

  8. im just out of cleveland in avon lake
    i agree i see many diff strains of dank around but more times than not all that comes around is mids
  9. Hello everyone,

    I live up in NE Minnesota. I see alot of good nuggets up here. Lots of good indoor and quite a bit sneaks in from Canada. No problem finding bud ever. Its a good life. :D
  10. I'm from Nebraska, and the weed isn't that great. Not much to choose from.
  11. Northeast Iowa here. The bud around here really sucks to be honest. There's some dank in certain spots but for the most part it's schwag and mids if I'm lucky. That's why I want to start growing.
  12. Michigan here, near Detroit. We pretty much just get regs most of the time. Though every once in a while you can find dank.

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