Midwest Frost Question

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by op8man, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. To night we are suppose to get down to 30 degrees. This is an early frost bigtime. I dont think it will be a super hard frost though. I am too far away from my plants and I am worried as hell. They are looking good but they have at least three weeks to go. The buds are not full yet. I am the only one who knows where they all are. Has anyone ever had a small frost and they continued to grow. I've seen a frost turn plants purple but that was much lower of a temp. Usually our first frost is in october. I am bumming bigtime. Ease my pain guys..............is it going to ruin my babies?
  2. I have mine snowed on before and they where fine!
  3. Most MJ is fine for the first couple frosts, some strains actually even do better in the cold exposer. The strains I’m growing are acclimatized for colder weather and one of the strains im growing (freezeland) likes the cold and matures faster when it’s exposed to the cold. So if you want a strain for next year that can handle frost and thrive in it freezeland is one of the best.

    And to answer your question about ruining your plants, well it depends what strain your growing. I would say with confidence that you should be ok. Just watch your plants closely and pay close attension to the weather forecast. Also, go to the this site www.farmersalmanac.com and check out the long range forecast for your area. Farmersalmanac is 80% right, well this is what they say on their site anyways. But the forecast for my area from this is site is and was bang on.

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