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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Trabado, May 10, 2011.

  1. i just got this 2 bags, each one for about $2.50
    what do you think? mids?



  2. i think thats the best deal ever recorded :confused::confused::confused:

  3. forgot to mention its here in colombia weed is cheaper :wave:
  4. wtf $2.50?? I want
  5. fuckin sweet
  6. I think its BS... You know thats not mids and u wanted everyone to tell you how sweet of a deal you got..

  7. nah dude its for real, this is NOT in the US this is in colombia prices are different
  8. :cry: *DROOLS*

    Man i got to pay like $60+ for all that. I wish i didn't have to hurt my wallet, lucky Columbia.

  9. yeah a friend of mine is living in houston and he was like :bolt: when he had to pay 20$ for a gram the first time :laughing: although he says its worth it for the quality and potency, but as i stated this isnt dank, its very good mids
  10. holy shit thats wasssap
  11. its not mids its not dank

    its just good weed. gawd people gotta label everything these days

  12. i agree with you, but its a way to easily describe how "good" the weed is, like if you call your dealer and ask him whats up and he says he only has some reggs, or mids, nah mean?

  13. i know exactly what you mean...
    however i just feel like we have taken mids vs nug vs dank vs reggs too far

    if its good its good, if its shitty well...:rolleyes::smoke:
  14. oh boy that looks delicious, not to mention 5$ for two baggies of that. you, my friend, are a lucky son of a bitch.

    you know youre a stoner when youre contemplating actually moving down to Columbia just for the prices of ganj.
  15. Wow - you are so lucky man

    How much does each bag weigh?
  16. I wouldn't call those mids, I would probably call it Dro, KB or beasters

    (we use "dro" to describe everything between mids and dank)
  17. Good mids bro, maybe 7/10s, good price for the amount. I'd be paying $10.
  18. Damn maybe I'll have the colombians at my school bring me back weed next time.
  19. so... this weed turned out not to be as good as it looks, i dont know if my tolerance is too high but it gave me a shitty head high... im not gonna smoke the rest of it, im going for half Oz of some very good weed from a friend of mine, ill post some pics later... if im not too high...
  20. Noooo...really? DUHH lol:rolleyes:

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