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Mids vs Regs, whats the difference?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by hublake93, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. whats the difference between mids and regs?
  2. Geographic dialect
  3. im just gonna say it cuz we all know its true. nobody like smoking regs. im not saying i wont smoke it because i will if its passed to me. and i understand why some smoke it but shit i couldent even find any if i wanted it. if i did it would prob be some brown with mosty sticks and beaners and i dont want that.

  4. i know right.

    i hear ppl mention it all the times on this forum.

    i also couldnt even find that shit. in my town its STRICLY only top grade shit. usually some kind of kush. lol

    my town has the highest percentage of top grade weed grown compared to others in Ontario. honestly cant get mids here lol

    btw no difference in mids and regs. i use term mids not regs not.
  5. Mids are a ficticious concept invented by dealers to charge you more for their best schwag.
  6. What town in ontario if you dont mind me asking :smoke:
  7. I disagree. Mids refers to "middle" between swag and dank. I know for a fact there is an in between. I've smoked reg I definitely wouldn't call schwag, but I've also smoked some that I would call "good" schwag. There's a huge middle ground.

  8. Thats exactly why I don't believe in them. If weed came from dealers with numerical ratings like gasoline, then there could be a mid grade. But without distinguishing what determines the middle ground, you either have really good schwag, or really crappy nugs.
  9. Thats why you have to give em the ole smoke test and determine for yourself!
  10. i would call mids anything that is in bud form not compressed, but just isnt dank.. better than shwag but not killer. could be airy, could be dense as fuck, just not crystally and dank
  11. Regs..[​IMG]


    Regs are flat and have a low potency due to how bad it was handled and because it has seeds,seeds effect THC production. Mids are usually the buds where not cured,usually a commercial outdoor grow and are noticeably higher in potency compared to the regs and typically has few to no seeds.

    And kush is just weed that was cured for like 2-3 months or more.Most likely than not,an indoor grow
  12. im in michigan also and I can never find any mids, its either great or grabage. easy choice for me
  13. I use the term mids. Honestly, most of whats around Eastern Maryland is either some brown compressed shwiggety shwag, some extremely dense green/yellow mids. The dank is hard to find in larger quantities then the 1/8 or 1/4, and is usually of mediocre quality and overpriced. You do what ya gotta do though, so I went ahead and got some sort of dank sativa herb. :smoke:
  14. I call that picture Reggie. And also, Kush refers to a plant who's origins are in the Hindu Kush mountains, but I'm sure you know that.
  15. Exactly.

    Mids and Regs are two loosely defined terms that are largely interchangeable depending on where you are and who you're buying from.
  16. i always thought the word Regs meant stress,shwag,dirt weed,brick,low grade. but i guess Regs is short for something?:confused:
  17. idk who would call that pic reggie because reggie is always brick compressed mexican shit like the one above it, it cant possibly be anything that is nug. if you call anything nug reggie its just the wrong terminology
  18. regs means regular weed
  19. sorry im an idiot. i think you already know that. lol
  20. As I originally said, it's geographic slang and dialect.

    Reggie means regular. Regular weed, not swag or dank. I call dank bud KB when I'm asking for it, you may call it headies or beasters or whatever the fuck else. When I want what you call mids, I ask for reggie. The guy will then tell me "man i got this good reggie" (high mids) or he'l give me some shit like the top picture, that's low end reggie you don't want but you'll get alot of it for cheap (low mids)

    To say reggie is always mexican shit and can't come in a nug is downright ignorant. That's like saying a gram can't cost more than $10...it sure as hell can, cause I pay 20. Weed is not something that is the same everywhere, prices and terms vary.

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