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Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by phillyweed, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. i know types differ depending on where you are. but can anyone tell me the difference between the high you get after smoking mids and heads? me and some friends have been smoking mids the past few days and have been getting fucking tired afterwards, like exhausted. is this typical for smoking mids?:smoke:

  2. A lot of people complain that lower grade stuff just gives them a headache and not much of a "high." Some mids can still get you really baked, but you'd have to smoke more of it than dank to reach the same effect.

    As for the highs, it really all depends on the person, how well the bud has been handled, etc. A lot of my newb smoker friends prefer mids because dank gets them "too high"
  3. haha kinda sounds like it, ive only had mids like once...lol and yeah i did feel tired out, but i usally just smoke dank, which i would reccomend and prefer to anyone if they wanna spend a lil more cash, imo it seems like heads are like, 3 times better than mids, idk lol. im high as fuck right now, and i can type good...i think...yeah.

    also the dank high or heads high will just feel better than mids kinda by alot, depends how dank, uhm yeah.
  4. I feel run down with mids, I just feel heavy and shitty. I can smoke good mids and still feel heavy and droopy, can get high yes but short last.

    Dank last a lot longer for me.

  5. Hahaha yeah, dank lasts way longer, and the come down and climax are all just more enjoyable.
  6. Well.. I have to smoke a lot of mids to get as high as I get with a comparatively small amount of dank.

    To me the highs ...last not quite as long with mids. With dank, it will usually hit me all at once and i'll be blasted off my ass for a solid hour and a half. Mids set in slower for me, peak slower, generally a "slower" high.. if that makes sense.
  7. That part right there is the reason to shell out the extra dough for dank. Unless of course it's a group session LOL.
  8. I dont smoke mids very often because i get all my shit from the club, but I can get pretty baked off the first sesh of mids, it doesnt last very long and no matter how much i smoke through out the day i dont get high again and i sometimes get a pretty gnarly head ache. So ill stick to the dank :D
  9. Mids are fun to roll ridiculous multi paper joints with

    but for anything else dank is where its at.
  10. As inactive as this thread is... I will still contribute.
    Mids were great before I started smoking dank frequently. I do really miss buying an eighth of mids for 20 bucks and being able to stretch it like 3 weeks(1 week minimum). Now I could blow through that eighth in a day never getting nearly as high as I would with dank. I recommend savoring the ability to get high that easily and use mostly mids(for the time being). However, don't be afraid to buy dank if you have the chance. Once you start smoking primarily heads, mids just won't cut it.

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