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mids suprise.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Worry Tomorrow, May 5, 2011.

  1. So I went to my dealer today to pick up some of the regular funky sour diesel. Ended up buying a dub and he told me to stop back by later he will have some mids that I could buy to experiment with some edibles. I stop back buy for a sample and it turned out to be some fire, with lots of crystals and a hint of cat piss. Smoked some gravity bongs now I'm faded. Enjoy guys

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  2. I was good to the cat piss part... What the heck there?

  3. daaaamn thats mids? that looks pretty dank homie :cool:
  4. Looks a lot like the mids my dealers got.. I was amazed when he sold me a quo for 35 bucks and the weed almost looked like headies :D
    Nice grab man
  5. "with a hint of cat piss" I don't know why, but that made me laugh
  6. Yeah its some mids. The cat piss part pertains to the smell you get when you open the bag.
  7. There is a strain called Cat Piss... when its flowering it straight up smells like cat urine.
  8. cat... piss:confused:
  9. I should get some, and get a bunch of cats. The only thing people would think was that damn that dude has alot of cats. And they piss everywhere....
  10. I know about the strain, it just gets me every time.
  11. maybe he pissed on it to add weight

    edit: lol'd at what i just posted. :bongin:
  12. Haha nice bowl. I pack around the same size bowls too.

    I'm smoking mids aswell, nothing wrong with that!
  13. Just picked up a ounce of this And a half of sour diesel. Gonna be fried all week. :)

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