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mids - pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by GiantAssAnt, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. cant get the good shit until sunday or monday so i picked up some mids yesterday. This was a quarter picked it up for 40. Will have pics of the good shit asap.

  2. My dealer would never leave stems in that big!
  3. looks abt 2.5 grams...
  4. Any seeds?...

  5. Looks about 4.___ stems gonna add some weight
  6. no seeds that i have found yet, the was a quarter but its probably 2 grams short in that pic. I didnt get it from a dealer, my friend just picked up and OZ of it and tossed me a quarter for 40 until i can pickup the good shit ;) ;)
  7. and mid since its lower quality it is compressed because people buy in larger quantities
  8. [quote name='"Nikedunks"']looks abt 2.5 grams...[/quote]

    Think you may need to calibrate your scales bro...
  9. it will hold you over fine i am sure ;)

  10. You look abt 2.5 grams.

    decent for mids, op.
  11. thats retarded paying 40 bucks for that schwag shit
  12. 40 for a 1/4???? Ounces of mid go for $70 where I live
  13. geographically based price-comparisons are hilarious. what you pay in your town is completely irrelevant.
  14. that's not swag shit. :) not a bad deal, go find yourself a dealer!
  15. D00d I could get that for lykee $5 bruh I got the hookup for the sour og white kush for like $60 oz l0l0l

  16. Well i didn't want the op to feel bad and say I get them for $70 because I know people and that he is getting ripped off. I figured if I said I get it for $70 where I live it would make him feel better and think its because of his area. But yes I agree with you. It's all about who and what you know.
  17. what im saying is that markets vary from town to town based on demand and difficulty bringing in the product. So a small town in texas, though only 45 minutes outside of Austin, a bud capitol, will have exorbitant prices because of their shitty strict cops or their high demand and lack of dealers. So, even if an "ounce of mids" goes for 70 in your town, it could be 110 the next town over.

    edit: I live in Austin and know people in surrounding areas who have corroborated this information.
  18. You just completely contradicted what you said before on how geographically based price comparison are irrelevant hah. Whatever though man, its all about what and who you know.
  19. Actually $40 - 50 per 1/4 is a common price around here for mids. I paid 50 for a 1/2 of bobby brown and ill never buy that shit again - gave me a headache, taste was awful and the bud was more brown than anything. I don't mind paying $40 for a 1/4 that doesn't give me a headache, and gets me high. But i do prefer to smoke higher grade bud since most of the time mids just put me to sleep.
  20. damn man a quarter of that stuff for 40 is steep try negotiating

    reggie should be 25 a quarter at most :smoking:

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