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Mids or Schwagg

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheW33k, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Hi, I live in central texas, and I'm not sure what I should buy.

    The prices here are: mids ("dro") - $60 1/8th
    schwagg - $20 1/8th, 60 per ounce

    do you guys think I should buy dro for that price, or try to find schwagg?
  2. Why would you even consider buying shwag :(
  3. thats the worst price for mids ive ever heard i get get sick bc dank for 25 an 8th
  4. yeh man I know, reading shit on here about prices makes me so jealous. its $20 a gram, makes me want to cry.
  5. $60 for mids? Your dealer is the dick of all dicks.
  6. Mids isn't dro lol

    Mids is smoke thats pretty decent green thats not dirt. Swagg I consider is brown shit.
  7. go with schwag honestly. Everyone is always a dildo and says "im so cool I smoke named weed" Honestly its just a different high is really all. If you like being mellow smoke schwag. If you like being paranoid smoke dank lol. I like them both but when you dont smoke schwag for a while you kinda crave it
  8. kind of question is this bruh?

    i dont think n e one of use would like to smoke schwag..

    mids for sure.
  9. 60 an ounce? must be some real brick.
  10. lol I don't think there is any dank here. these prices are pretty across the board here, I don't even have a specific dealer in mind. So would the "dro" I get here be better than mids? the only thing people sell here are "schwagg" and "dro" so I assumed dro was mids.
  11. I love me some schwaggg.. Lol but at that price 1 oz of Dank = 480$ 1 oz schwag = 60$

    You could get 1/2 LB of SCHWAG for the cost of 1 ounce of dank.. You could just make hash or oil or edibles or anything from that schwag and would get you alot more then the dank
  12. yeh I can't really make hash or edibles, live with the rents and all that. I wish there were some reputable people that sold schwagg, I had an ok hookup but they stopped selling schwagg, dealers here are hella stuck up and think its beneath them to sell schwagg hahaha
  13. You pay the same for an eigth of mids as I do for an eigth of dank..
  14. What area central Texas?
  15. shitty little town in between austin and houston.

  16. I'm like 15 mins away from Killeen, the town next to ft hood
  17. Damn man you gotta try harder and find better prices. It'll be worth it. Im here in MI around Detroit and I can get dank for $45 an eighth. You pay more for mids! ...Goodluck!

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