Mids or gas

Discussion in 'General' started by Icon717, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Grabbed some of this wanted your opinions
  2. Forgot to post pic

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  3. What strain

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  4. Looks like some badly trimmed backyard boogie, and from the sugar leaves I'm assuming it wasn't cured very long. Meh.
  5. Looks ok.

    I'd smoke it.
  6. Looks aight
  7. I'd burn it with ya! The real question is.....how does it smoke??
  8. Actualy really smooth smells and tastes like lemon
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  9. Had this a few days ago Medijuana

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  10. Russian rocket fuel

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  11. Black widow past 3 weeks these are what I've been smoking on

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  12. I’d smoke the shit outa all of them!

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  13. Lookin dank, you should start a thread in stash jar or post in what you smokin tonight.
  14. Def will I'm grabbing different later today

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