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Mids in comparison to loud

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Midas T., Apr 15, 2016.

  1. How many grams of mids do you guys think it takes to get as high as one gram of loud? Me and my friend were just discussing it. We thought maybe 2 or 3 gs of mids, but we weren't sure.
  2. Yeah I'd say it's got about half the kick on average. The tastes don't compare though.
  3. It takes one hit of dank for me to get where I want to be, but it usually takes a bowl or two of mids. The best way I would describe dank in relation to mids is that it's like mids topped with kief. (They have more kief anyway because they usually have a lot more trichomes, inside and on the surface). That would be a good way to determine how high you would get, supposing you've smoked kief before.

    Also, dank weed smells ALOT better and stronger, and the taste is usually a lot better and it lingers in your mouth for a good hour or so. Also usually it's seedless and is usually a much smoother hit than mids. I used to hate the "smoking" part of getting high cause I would cough my lungs out from mids. Never happens with dank though! (Keep in mind some strains are naturally harsher than others)
  4. mids be bumpin at like 35 decibals, where that loud is at 72.

    ya dig?

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  5. The only real answer to this question is impossible. Loud and mids are applied all around and generally meaningless. If you don't know actual THC %, you don't know what's loud and what's mids, or at least to what degree. And without knowing the THC %, you can't say how much of one equals another. Otherwise, all answers are kind of like your opinions, man.
  6. I always went by the rule of thumb that loud/dank is twice as potent as mid. However this really depends on the strains in question and their THC contents.

    I always tried not to buy mids because I thought they were a waste; I could spent a little more on dank and get way higher on a smaller amount. If I did get mids I held onto them for joint/blunt weed.
  7. when i have to choose between beamer, benz or bentley, I always pick the M3.
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