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Mids DO NOT exist!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TBF loves weed, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. Mids are out there. In my neck of the woods they're called China Bud. Just commercial crap that people pass off as legit shit sometimes. Only reason anyone buys it is cuz it's cheap and easy to move on inexperienced tokers (maybe 25%).
  2. Yet another pointless Thread that just gets people worked up. Have to admit I had fun reading the 3 pages of posts but then again it was also a waste of time. Ive smoked Mids they do exsist around here Maybe not wher eu live dude but they do exsist around here. BUT Serously think about it who cares weed is weed.

  3. You, too, have a naming disorder of some sort.

    If it's bricked, it's low grade, if it's low grade, it's schwag. (Or... just low grade, if you roll like that)

    Mersh can be ANY grade, from the dankest dank to the schwaggyest schwag. It simply means it was grown commercially, as part of an (illegal) systematic buisness venture, where no matter what market they cater to, prophet is the main goal.

  4. Ignorance is bliss, or so they say. Personally I prefer to be educated before I make as stupid of a statement as your first one in this thread.

  5. Dude, he was trying to protect you - discussing sales on this site will get you BANNED. So will flaming too, and you've been reported now for both.
  6. I get my regs and mids for the same price. o.o
    Just depends who has what at the time. That must stink to pay a lot for mids. I just consider myself fortunate when I find mids instead of regs.
  7. scwhag/dirt [​IMG]

    Regs [​IMG]

    mids [​IMG]

    dank [​IMG]

    When it comes down to it, Marijuana is a plant, and it grows by its own processes has its own types and qualities, and anything we do is just giving it a name. If you sat around with all the available weed and really studied it, you would get 15 different classifications for all the different qualities of bud.

    But there is a very notable difference in most states and you will be able to categorically find schwaggy stuff, regular stuff, middy stuff, and dank stuff anywhere if you look for them. Just because you personally get better regs than some would and don't have mids around, or perhaps you just have never seen true regs but mids passed off as regs, doesn't mean mids don't exist. Of course mids don't exist, dank doesn't exist, theyre all termed by us.

    The aggression and "conviction" with which you "fight" for you laughably pointless and childish cause of "there are no mids!" makes me wonder what kind of self esteem issues you have and which books to recommend for you.

    Theres alot more out there to spend your time on, stuff that makes you laugh and sing. Why waste your time posting worthless tripe like this.
  8. regs doesnt just float around in 3rd world countries goes around everywhere. but like i said before, not everybody can get the same hookups as you, so take your head out of your ass. im gettin ak47 at 10 bucks a gram, does that automatically make it regs? no, price doesnt matter. its the shit your getting. fuck kid, your dumb.
  9. i believe the dumb one would be you, considering you can't differentiate between sarcasm and a literal statement.

  10. dude. hahah. get a grip man! you people need to lighten the fuck up.

    smoke some weed for god's sake.
  11. i would smoke my weed but since its not mids i dont know what it is. since its not brown it isnt shwag, and since it isnt white and tasty it isnt dank. WHAT IS IT THEN.

    u changed your position around several times just with me. accept your wrong and move on.
  12. ive actually heard people who agree with you before and say that mids dont exist but i would say theres a point where its just not regs and its just not headies, hence the middies. not to be confused with KB or beasters.
  13. Hahaha. I got a good laugh out of that. +rep:smoke:
  14. I am smoking a lie!
  15. it's regs, dumb ass.
  16. hahaha this kid is a goon

  17. And im totally convinced that you suffer from severe Down Syndrome.:hello::hello:
  18. Around here, mids is regular. It goes schwagg, mids, beaster, heady, super heady, although technically beaster is super heady, but around here we use the term as an in-between for mids and heady, and I've noticed people here do too. Regular would be the equivalent of mids.
  19. ^haha i got a laugh out of it.

    and its not brown... its green with red hairs..
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