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Mids DO NOT exist!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TBF loves weed, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. What you are saying is you've never smoked REGS.

  2. Haha.. just made me laugh :smoke:

  3. w/e man i dont even give a shit anymore:rolleyes: no point
  4. around here mids are decent green nug with a good amount of seeds, usually around $120 an ounce, where-as regs are slightly better, in that they are a little more green, with significantly less seeds usually around 160/zip. thats how it is here anyways, and beleive me, ive bought my fair share of both, i try and stick with nice outdoors or dro though for 220, althoug i did just get a zip of herer for $375 which is a really decent price
  5. wow, wow. sorry, i didn't know i was talking to kids in 3rd world countries here, man. i figured everyone could get regs that are actually...oh i don't know...GREEN, the color bud is supposed to be, for a decent price. All i'm saying is some of you guys are clearly getting shafted and i know Florida bud is not exactly the best around.
  6. Mids for me are No Seeds, but still a step below dank.
  7. Everything around these parts is either Mids or Headies. I've never tried Regs at all or Kush, but I am getting some bubblegum soon, which is hard as hell to find.

    Saying Mids don't exist to me is like saying Regs. don't exist to me, for I've never tried one, so I don't believe that they do exist.

    And maybe then, you get shit mids. I've had the worst mids of my life before and I've also had top notch Mids that you might as well thought were headies. Theres even a difference in that.
  8. ...Regardless, all I was saying at the begging of this thread is that to me, the high has little to no difference, professing my conviction that it is in fact a rip off. Some people are just plain getting butt hurt.

  9. Bwaaaahaaaaaaa....very funny. Sorry, I don't smoke "regs", "mids" or anything like that. Right now I've got a beautiful 8th of Purple Cream. TO go on top of that I have some Mango Kush Hash, some Chemdog Hash, some Willie Nelson Wax, some honey oil and some kief. Yes, I make 6 layer bowls some time.

    Did I mention I'm a MEDICAL MARIJUANA PATIENT? I know exactly what I'm smoking. Do you?

    Yeah? How long? Guarantee that I've got at least a decade on you, if not two.

    Well, maybe some of them, but it's still first thing in the morning here in sunny Southern California (OK it's a bit rainy right now, but normally it's stunningly sunny). I'm just medicating now. But if you truly don't that there are a WIDE variety of strains with varying effects and strength, then you sir, are a moron.
  10. #30 PennLaxPlayer, Feb 7, 2009
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    It's slang. You can't say it simply doesn't exist.

    Seriously do you think I approve of Bling-Bling being put in the oxford dictionary? No, but I suck it up and don't post threads about it.

    At least "Headies" isn't in oxford yet. :rolleyes:

    At least middies has a standard definition around here. On the other hand I've seen "Headies" that are worse then the mids I get, and I've seen "headies" better then some NL I get every now and again.

    Thats why I won't buy headies.... because I don't know what the fuck I'm getting.

    Edit: And it's not like I can call dude up and say, "This isn't headies." Why? Because headies can be anything that smells half dank around here, which disgusts me.
  11. a side by side generalized comparison of regs, mids, beasters would be pretty neat imo
  12. #32 jlemos13, Feb 7, 2009
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    yes there is. and theres also high mids. it has red hairs, almost 0 seeds, and a pretty nice high
  13. um no, your wrong.. mids exist. Jokes on you fella. if YOU were truely experienced you would realize that there is such bud as mids, better looking/smoking then commercial shit an a bit worse than some beasters. Just go take a look in the recreational section an you'll find plenty of posts of people posting their mids... and they look WAY better than any commericial/bricked regs people get. Therefore, MIDDLE quality weed... or in other words MIDS

  14. no you don't. you should edit that typo because you don't sell.
  15. Beasters is another one :D

    I asked a my friend's boyfriend one day what the difference beetween beasters and headies, is. He couldn't describe either one. Even though hes the first one to look at someones weed and go, "That isn't headies, it's beasters."

    I think I succesfully made him realize how stupid it sounds, with that question.
  16. i'm very happy the you're so fortunate to afford all of your bullshit, which i'm sure does something for you further than any bud I will EVER possess. I smoke to get high, and I do, no matter if it's regs or crip, so I really could give a fuck less what i'm smoking to be honest. And yes, there are a wide variety of strains, but i just simply do not believe in mids, and stand firm in my conviction. :smoke:
  17. i classify it from worst to best as


    kinda a mix of all that were i live so everyone does what i do here.

  18. LMAO!!!

    Best post in this thread + rep!
  19. I love when people try to look all knowledgeable by differentiating between different slang for the SAME THING.

    Reg=regular. Mid grade=regular. Unless regular for you is shit, it's PROBLY fuckin' mids.
  20. nobody i know or have ever met has used to term mids or regs :confused:
    saying mids dont exist is saying like decent weed doesnt exist, theres bammer, dank, and whatevers in between is "mids".
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