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Midnight Red and Blue (short story)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Visus, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Last night around midnight I was toking in my driveway inside my car with the car off and garage door closed. I was doing this because my parents tolerate my smoking as long as I don't do it inside. I am about half way through a bowl when I hear police sirens coming from different locations. Dogs in my neighborhood start howling, barking, and squealing like I have never heard them do before (lived here for 6 years.) That alone made me a bit uneasy.

    My street has a little hill in the middle of it and one side turns into a deadend. My house is located near the deadend at the bottom of one of the sides of the hill. The sirens stop and i look up towards the hill where I see the sky light up. Then this SUV with flashing red and blue lights as well as his brights started slowly creeping up and over the hill at like 3 mph. He had his little search light on looking all around. He drives past my house to the dead end, turns around and slowly comes back. When he reaches my house again, he makes a short stop at my house ( I am flipping shit at this point and throw my pipe and jar of weed under my seat). He then proceeds to keep going to my neighbors house and my neighbor comes out and talks to him. All I am thinking at this point is "fuck my neighbor saw me smoking". My garage door is closed and all the doors to the house are locked, I cant escape without them seeing me!

    Then another SUV rolls up to the side of the first one. Shortly after a police car shows up as well. The people inside the vehicles started getting out and going to my neighbors house ( the one that they talked to) and also to the house straight across the street from me. When they reached the doors, I took a chance and decided to open/close my car door, acting like i came from the house to move my car, opened and pulled into my the garage. I stayed in my car a tiny bit before getting out. When I did, I looked around outside a little like I am innocent and don't know whats going on. I closed the garage door and went to my room looking out the window until they left an hour later. During that whole time I thought I was going to have a panic attack with how frightened I was. Even now i still do not have a single clue as to why they were there.

    What makes this even worse is I planned to smoke a whole bunch of weed last night as it was the night before my wisdom teeth extraction surgery. For those who don't know, after the surgery you cant smoke for a week unless you want to develop dry socket.

    Anyone else have a scary experience?
  2. We were all smoking bong in my buddies car in a mall parking lot once. We pull out, drive a little, and then a cop gets behind us. My buddy (not the most cautious of individuals) had 3 clones in his trunk and about a half ounce in his glove compartment.

    Anyway, this fuckin cop follows us for like 5 minutes. We made at least 3 different turns and the cop kept following us. We were all sketching out pretty hard so we made another turn, this one was into a McDonalds. Cop drove past us.

    I think he saw all the kids in the car so he was running my buddies plates or maybe trying to pull him over for something dumb.
  3. i smoked a joint 20 mins after getting home from getting all 4 wisdom teeth out. i smoked a blunt later that night.

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