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Middle Week 4 FLower! Nute burn?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by greenbizzle, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. 600w hps
    3gal soiless/coco
    dechlorinated water
    ph 5.8-6.0
    50% humidity
    purple kush

    ppm's 1150..1200 beginning of week 4

    beautiful white hairs...crystals, bud formation is great..
    noticed minor burning on bigger fan leaves...some
    curl, brown edges & rusty brown color on some leaves

    i just saw on two tops...white hairs turned brown and shriveled up,
    almost like the top was stepped on or smashed...ive never experienced
    this before!! its like the bud died...

    over-nute death? the fan leaves were curled, dry..and dark purple
    around the death-looking bud...but all the buds beneath are
    still white? do i remove the top?

    is a good flush in order to stop this...im worried
    i have done some NON-reversable damage..?

    this pic is so blurry...

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  2. Looks fine. pH of 6.0 is a little high. Maybe back the ppm down a bit and see if it gets better. Hairs turning brown is from rippening not anything else. The leaves will show if there is a problem with hairs and buds being the last.
  3. could be a mg deficiency.....had the same problem a while back, but mine were in VEG..
  4. its like the hairs melted down...and are hard...while the rest of the garden/and this particular plant for that matter is fine...white hairs...standing tall...so im perplexed

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